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UnCategorized Bringing the beauty and colorful splendor of aquatic life into your home can be ac.plished with an aquarium and, to make the most of the available assortment, a 55 gallon fish tank may be in order. They .e in a variety of styles with stands to fit into just about any home decor. Setting up a 55 gallon fish tank takes some pre-planning because once it is in place it will require a large amount of work to move. The initial step in setting up a 55 gallon fish tank will be its location. Once decided, make sure there is at least an eight to ten inch gap between the tank and wall to allow room for the filtering system. Additionally, a sufficient number of electric outlets need to be available to power accessories. If using a bottom under gravel filter, place that on the empty aquarium floor and then add gravel. The gravel in a 55 gallon fish tank should slightly slope upwards towards the back of the tank. The next step is adding the water and it is suggested that a clean plate be placed on top of the gravel to avoid displacing the gravel while the 55 gallon fish tank is being filled. Allow the water to hit the plate instead of the gravel. Once filled, you can start installing accessories, but do not plug any of them in just yet. First, install the filter on the back wall of the 55 gallon fish tank and then the thermometer. Assemble and install the heater near the filter’s input. If needed, more water can now be added. Add any decorations to the 55 gallon fish tank, but make sure there’s room for them to swim. Introducing Fish To New Environment After waiting 24 hours for the water temperature to even out, you are ready to add your fish. Start with just a few, maybe about 10 inches of fish, and do not immediately place them in the water. Allow the container in which they came to sit in the 55 gallon fish tank to help stabilize the nitrogen level. Once acclimated, the fish can be released into the aquarium. Add the light and cover and wait about four weeks before testing the ammonia level in the water. If everything is fine then you can add the rest of your fish, but keeping the population at not more than 50 or so inches of fish in a 55 gallon fish tank to prevent overcrowding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: