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Below the provincial environmental monitoring supervision and enforcement of "vertical" taimukaiqi – Beijing, Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Beijing in September 22 below the provincial environmental monitoring supervision and enforcement of "vertical" new exploration of ecological field taimukaiqi — comprehensively deepen reforms of the Xinhua News Agency reporter Jie Wenjin, Yang Weihan, general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council recently issued the "guidance on environmental supervision and law enforcement agencies below the provincial monitoring vertical management system reform pilot work". Environmental monitoring and supervision of law enforcement agencies vertical management system reform is a major reform of China’s ecological civilization system, is a comprehensive deepening of reform in the past three years in the field of ecological and environmental protection of the new exploration. The Ministry of environmental protection environmental protection vertical management working group office director Ye Min and deputy director Zhang Yujun, Environmental Planning Institute Vice President Wu Shunze 22, told reporters, the authoritative analysis on the core issues and the implementation of the reform significance of documents published in. Since the ecological civilization "chassis" system reform in eighteen, the CPC Central Committee and State Council on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization made a series of decisions and plans, have issued "on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization" "ecological civilization reform scheme" ecological civilization reform plan. These reforms will focus on the implementation of the main responsibility of the local government to protect the environment and strengthen the main responsibility for pollution abatement." Ye Min said that the development of guidance also follow this idea. Guidance requirements, one is to implement the local government and relevant departments of environmental responsibility, taking the ecological environmental quality monitoring and governance, the establishment of environmental ombudsman system, to carry out environmental protection inspectors to inspect, strengthen the environmental responsibility of supervision and inspection of the implementation of the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility, law responsibility, responsibility for life, promote green development. The two is to implement sewage units responsibility, strengthen environmental law enforcement resources in key areas, pollution source monitoring and supervision center of gravity, the integration of law enforcement body, the relative concentration of law enforcement, and strengthen environmental justice, pollution permits, damage compensation, social supervision, strict enforcement of environmental law. From the perspective of the ecological civilization of the background of the reform of the system to change, from the introduction of eighteen important documents in the spirit of the system to understand the vertical change, promote vertical change." Wu Shunze said, "vertical management reform in essence and has been the introduction of" ecological environment monitoring network construction plan "" party and government leading cadres of environmental damage accountability measures (Trial) "and other major reform and the reform of the same strain, complementary ecological civilization system. Vertical management system is the basic system of environmental governance, so the "vertical change" is the "chassis" system reform. Ye Min believes that the guidance is to implement new measures of ecological civilization construction and green development, is a new breakthrough to promote the reform of ecological civilization, is a new support for the realization of ecological environment governance system and governance capacity modernization, is conducive to promoting environmental management to improve the quality of the environment as the core of the transformation of ecological environment is conducive to accelerate the padded short board. Local radical intervention "chronic disease" from the three aspects of force to protect the development of "the name for the local intervention in reality, has been the existence of environmental monitoring to monitor the work of law enforcement in prominent.相关的主题文章: