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Beijing – VIDEO – Halloween spoof tricks people Demons and monsters danced like mad. Halloween tricks people Demons and monsters danced like mad. spoof [comment] October 31st is popular in western countries the festival of Halloween, people will be dressed as various demons and ghosts ", naughty children is the protagonist of the day. In recent years, Halloween has gradually become popular in Asia and other regions, loved by children. [comment] the evening of October 31st, dozens of people posing as "demons and ghosts" appeared in Nanjing in a shopping mall. A black cloak, glittering spire, hat skull mask, although these demons and ghosts modeling is a bit scary, but also lovely, popular children’s favorite. These ghosts also interact with children and give children sweets. As organizers of the event, Li Dandan told reporters that they are a group of small partners like Cosplay, in such a day, I hope they can bring them to the shape of happiness. The same period [] (young friend Ren Zhen) Halloween these ghosts I feel not scary at all, I feel a lot of fun, but also eat sweets. The same period [] (organizer Li Dandan) today in the Halloween night, we probably had twenty or thirty demons and ghosts on Halloween (EVE) to this day to bring you a happy atmosphere. [comment] Halloween is the protagonist not only discuss candy children, because the love thriller has been more and more fun for young people. In October 31st, a Sichuan university campus, a Halloween costume party for "ghosts" terrorist gathering. [comment] the day at half past one in the afternoon, Sichuan southwest Career Academy University at the 2016 Horror Halloween Parade "officially began, the teachers and students to participate in a carnival scene. In addition to a real version of demons, "Busan" also staged this. The school leadership has changed in the past a serious face, dressed in a variety of "demons and ghosts" and the students spend the halloween. [Mao Yutong] over the students like this scale is the first time, feeling very hi but after all is the school theme activities, so everyone attending a feeling is good. [] Yang Yang I think students over a state university is a while having fun while learning, when we usually do not have time to relax, to this kind of activity can make us very easy, but also can make us more willing to learn at school. China News Agency reporter Roundup相关的主题文章: