Beijing tomorrow north to 9 days of air quality excellent return haze again denka

Beijing tomorrow north to 9 days of air quality excellent return to Beijing haze haze again yesterday, two warning to orange street, low visibility, pedestrians crossing the road. A bus traveling in the haze. Ditan Park, people wearing masks doing morning exercises. Chinese version of the image of China yesterday, the air quality has not improved, still in the 5 level of severe pollution. As of yesterday, 17, since the autumn of this year, the fourth heavy pollution yellow warning has lasted more than 72 hours. According to the latest forecast, today’s pollution reduction, air quality in 4 moderate pollution levels. Tomorrow, with the arrival of a strong cold air, pollution will be completely removed, the air quality returns to good. The Ministry of environmental protection pollution covering 7 provinces and 5 evening bulletin, affected by adverse weather conditions in November 2nd, the north and northeast of China appeared a wide range of heavy pollution process, the maximum impact area reached 630 thousand and 380 thousand square kilometers. The scope of pollution covers Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and other 7 provinces (cities). 4 afternoon, a number of cities in North China PM2.5 peak concentration, which is the most heavily polluted cities in Baoding region, to serious pollution. The analysis of Beijing and its surrounding areas shows that nitrate is still the most important component of PM2.5 in this process, which indicates that vehicle exhaust emission is still one of the main sources of pollution in Beijing. Tomorrow turn the air quality on the evening of 4, Beijing increased haze, 21:15 that evening, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued orange signal warning signal of fog upgrade. It is understood that this is the first half of this year since the first release of Beijing fog orange warning. Yesterday morning, Beijing heavy fog, heavy fog visibility less than 200 meters in some areas, while moderate to severe haze continued. Monitoring shows that at 6 yesterday morning, visibility in most areas of Beijing, meters of -300 meters, less than 100 meters visibility. Yesterday morning, affected by weak cold air, haze weakened. Around 10 in the morning, visibility in most areas of Beijing reached more than 2 km, the city meteorological station at 10:10 in addition to the decomposition of fog orange warning signal. At 16:50, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory will be downgraded to the yellow haze orange signal warning signal, is expected to still have mild to moderate haze in most areas of 5 to 6 at night during the day in Beijing, low visibility. As of yesterday, 17 o’clock, at the beginning of 2 when the heavy pollution yellow warning has lasted for up to 72 hours in 17. To 16 yesterday, the city is still in serious pollution, the city of PM2.5 concentration of six micrograms of cubic meters. According to the Beijing municipal environmental protection monitoring center forecast, 5 at night, by the role of weak cold air, air quality will be improved to mild pollution level 3. Today, the role of weak cold air weakened, the proliferation of adverse conditions, air quality to 4 moderate pollution. 7, along with a strong cold air patronage, there will be a class -5 north wind, the air quality will return to. But "good weather but three", with the cold air pollutant concentration decreased, will rise again. 9, the haze again, the air quality will drop to mild to moderate pollution. 1 – doubts why the pollution is so serious? Environmental experts said Peng Yingdeng, 4 evening, we feel heavy pollution, mainly because of the fog,相关的主题文章: