Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other places in the south to meet local autumn autumn fell to 20 DEG C – B-cashmere mafia

Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other places in the south to meet local autumn autumn fell to 20 DEG C – Beijing Chinese Chushu solar term into the weather network news, more and more active cold air. During the Mid Autumn Festival, the eastern northwest, north, northeast appear rainy cool, today (18), North China, northeast and other places there is still rain, temperatures continue to decline. Cooling will expand the northern autumn territory, north of Beijing and Tianjin and other places will gradually fall. Tomorrow, the southern part of the camp will also be included among them, in particular, the highest temperature in the southwest may fall to 20 degrees C. Seasonal conversion, cool weather, need to pay attention to add clothes. In recent days, a cold air is affecting the northern region, yesterday, the eastern northwest, north, northeast and other places a large temperature decline. Compared with the previous day 14, northern Ningxia, Western Inner Mongolia region, northern Shaanxi, the northern part of North China and Eastern temperature than the day before at the same time decreased by 6-10 C. Provincial capital cities, Beijing, Hohhot, the temperature has reached 7 degrees centigrade, the temperature of 14, respectively, when the temperature of 22.9 degrees, 17.9 degrees, the body feels more shade. Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other places in the south in autumn autumn welcome continue to affect the cold air, the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that the next three days, some areas in the eastern region of Northwest China, North China and other places in the West have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain (50 to 80 mm), these local areas and accompanied by strong convective strong precipitation. The weather. Affected by the rain and cold air, northeast, North China, Huang Huai and other temperatures continue to decline, the North China Plain temperature will drop to the lowest point in the second half of this year, the maximum temperature of only about 20 degrees celsius. Rain will promote the North China officially entered the fall, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang are expected to open the door of the fall. In addition, Beijing, Tianjin in the mid September can basically get rid of 30 degrees Celsius, from this year’s situation, the last day of the Beijing and Tianjin should be the last experience of more than 30 degrees Celsius heat. In late 9, the North China Plain Area of 30 degrees gradually disappear. The future, the cold air will continue to push south, on the 19 day, the South will also be included in the cool camp, but the cooling intensity is not too big, just east of the southwest to the west of Jianghan drop to achieve 4-8 C. Although the cooling intensity is small, more than 30 degrees Celsius area will be greatly reduced to the south of Southern China area, Jianghan, JAC, Jiangnan and other places of the highest temperature will fall to 25 degrees Celsius, lower than the normal level of the same period of the year. Southwest of Guiyang, Chengdu, Kunming is likely to fall to 20 degrees, the weather turns cool, pay attention to add clothes warm.相关的主题文章: