Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Beijing, Beijing, the property market continues to heat up the panic buy 残清1864

Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Beijing, Beijing, the property market continued high fever panic buying psychology – after the Spring Festival this year, Sohu finance, Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing Hebei region property market jumped up, not only a high fever, but intensified. High prices in Beijing in August the average single set too high to be reached more, commercial housing price has to 5 million 260 thousand yuan, reaching the highest point. Tianjin average price is also ranked ten in the country, the city’s New District in the area of the average price per square meter is the impact of the impact of the new deal 40 thousand yuan mark six. Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Xianghe and other places around the ring in Hebei also opened soaring mode. Industry experts believe that with the "golden nine silver ten" the arrival of the wave in Beijing and Tianjin and Hebei central Beijing area prices "high fever" in the short term will not fade. Skyrocketing housing prices exceeded market expectations according to the latest data released by the National Bureau of statistics, August prices continue to rise, rose city number increased one or two, three line city of new commodity housing and second-hand housing prices rose expanded last month. In the first tier cities, Beijing second-hand housing prices rose more than 3.9%, which is the highest in nearly 5 months. From China’s real estate market platform data released in August, the average price per square meter of the property market in Beijing has been as high as 48847 yuan, ranking first in the municipalities and provincial capitals, an increase of up to last year, up to 32.09%. Tianjin prices crazy equally staggering. Nankai University North South Water Park Fukang Road No. eleven, a high rate of greening and city under the banner of low density, the market price per square metre to 70 thousand yuan, a single set of basic prices in more than 10 million yuan, which is almost the highest point of the current prices in Tianjin city. Tianjin city land resources and Housing Authority statistics, in September 12th to 18 days a week in the new Tianjin city six district average transaction price has exceeded 30 thousand yuan mark, and is close to 35 thousand yuan, basically reached the highest point of the year. The four area is also the three consecutive month refresh year record prices. As the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region once the price depression, Hebei is also not in this wave of housing prices rally free customs. In the first half, Shijiazhuang commercial housing turnover of 4 million 37 thousand and 900 square meters, second-hand housing turnover of 1 million 835 thousand square meters, an increase of 25.27% and 51.68%, respectively. Into the second half, prices further warming, to August has risen for 7 consecutive months, especially in August rose by an average of 3.6%, the biggest increase this year. Dong Fan, director of the center for real estate research, Beijing Normal University, said Shijiazhuang prices are still rising potential, an annual increase of about 12%. Index Research Institute of Yanjiao, Xianghe, Chinese monitoring Langfang, Guan, Zhuozhou, Dachang, Tianjin Wuqing data show that the first half of the overall regional turnover volume and price, turnover total area grew 33%, the total turnover grew 47%. The size of the market in Beijing, Beijing, almost doubled compared to 2013. Among them, the average price of Yanjiao has more than 15 thousand yuan per square meter, and continue to rise. Langfang in the first half of the volume is equivalent to the sum of the total in 2012. High land prices driven by multi tier real estate prices in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region.相关的主题文章: