Beijing passenger car index will be compressed to Beijing Capital Airport Expressway will be built

Beijing passenger car index will be compressed to Beijing Capital Airport Expressway will be built in Beijing yesterday, world city traffic development forum third held in Beijing National Convention center. Zhou Zhengyu, director of the Municipal Communications Commission, said the current traffic situation in Beijing reflects the road blocking, parking chaos, crowded subway, bus slow, transfer inconvenience and other issues. To ease traffic congestion, is expected in 2020, Beijing motor vehicle ownership will reach 6 million 300 thousand. Increasing congestion effectively curb the trend according to Zhou Zhengyu, more than and 10 years, the development of traffic transportation achievements, a total investment of 682 billion 700 million yuan, railway operating mileage increased 386%, traffic index fell 22% compared with 2007, increased traffic congestion to some extent curbed the momentum. However, there are still many problems, such as blocking roads, parking chaos, crowded subway, slow transit, transfer inconvenience and so on. On the road, the traffic index fell from 6.1 in 2010 to about $5.5 in 2014. 2015 central city green travel ratio of 70.7%, commuter travel (excluding walking) in the proportion of public transport up to 50%. Among them, the proportion of car travel is still the highest proportion of various modes of transport, reaching 32%. The development of public transport, promote green travel has become a major direction of future development of the city traffic. But according to the traffic department released data show that September 21, 2015 morning peak period, the city rail traffic load rate of more than 120% of the total mileage of 7.38% black road, the line No. six Huang Qu of Chaoyangmen, University of Huidong, four – media Batong Line No. ten Shuangjing – China World Trade Center, Changping – line zhuxinzhuang xi’erqi belong to the black section. Full load rate of more than 100%, red road accounted for the total mileage of 8.5%. The ground transit network service set, universal express network line network, network extension, and opened a custom bus, night bus, small bus, and achieved certain results in the diversification of services, but the breadth, depth and intensity are far from. – 1 car indicators solutions change? The index will become more difficult to success 100 thousand, City Traffic Commission Director Zhou Zhengyu said that a high proportion of the use of private cars brought traffic congestion, which is particularly prominent in the city. From the city’s six districts, the capital of the core functional areas of congestion is the most prominent, urban functional expansion area in Shijingshan District basic flow. Even in the special period of the single and double limit line, the traffic index decreased 50% and two loop 3rd Ring Rd decreased only 13%. Data show that since 2011 the implementation of passenger car regulation, the city’s motor vehicle growth dropped significantly, but still growing at 3% annual rate. As of May this year, Beijing motor vehicle ownership has reached 5 million 650 thousand. Zhou Zhengyu said that the use of motor vehicles to reduce the intensity of the legislation is expected by 2020, Beijing motor vehicle ownership will reach 6 million 300 thousand. Beijing City Traffic Commission spokesman Rong Jun also said that the future of the city will adhere to the law, science and technology, economic means, coupled with appropriate administrative means to ease traffic congestion. In accordance with the Beijing clean air action plan (2013-2017) key Ren Ting相关的主题文章: