Beijing Beiqi Xu Heyi as Fujian Benz chairman –

The new network in September Beijing Beiqi Xu Heyi as chairman of Fujian Benz – in 23, the day before, Fujian Benz a new business license renewal, remove the original "industrial" word, officially changed to Fujian Benz automotive co.". The new legal representative, has been from the head of Fujian Benz auto group, the new chairman Xu Heyi as. This marks, Beiqi group and steam group of Fujian Benz equity transfer smooth landing. The next day, Fujian Benz held wildly beating gongs and drums for the first time after the change of equity of the board of directors, appointed a new executive team. The adjustment Fujian Benz and this information is basically the same: Beiqi shares and steam group respectively hold 35% and 15% stake in Fujian Benz, the two sides will as a concerted action, and the remaining 50% stake in the Limited Hong Kong Company’s owner light vehicles, each appoint three directors of the board. In the arrangement of the operational level, the two sides each nominated four executives, composed of ECM (Management Committee) to carry out the company’s operations management. According to the information provided by the Fujian Benz cooperation, Sino German shareholders will be in technology, personnel, and other aspects of comprehensive strategic cooperation and the depth of cooperation, to achieve powerful combination of market layout and development, inject new vitality for Fujian benz. Thus, as one of the world’s six largest Daimler commercial vehicle production base, Fujian Benz will re layout in the high-end business car market, and introduce more new models, the production of more Chinese meet the market demand for products. This indicates that Fujian Benz will enter a stage of rapid development. The newly appointed will be the shareholders of the top management team, including Dr. Guo Pengkai, member of the German side for the president and chief executive officer of the Beijing car, and Fu Lei as executive vice president of the Chinese members. Dr. Guo Pengkai in April this year, Fujian Benz has served as president and chief executive officer, promote the work in all directions at the same time, the strategic vision of globalization and the rigorous and pragmatic work style to the Fujian benz. One of the important advance as Beijing automobile shares of Fujian Benz project, the successful completion of the equity after adjustment, Fu Lei at the helm of the role of rapid change, Fujian Benz operations management, its wisdom and insight, will Benz future strategic development for Fujian, to bring new weather. Other ECM members include Zhou Qing, Lin Xiong, Sun Zhenjie, Chinese, German Gerd Bitterlich, Wouter Vandermeulen, Zhang Shihe. In the future, the new executive team will uphold the concept of "One FBAC", help Mercedes Benz, Fujian, a new look. The first 8 months of this year, Fujian Benz launched a series of new V car and the new Vito two works, the enthusiastic response of the market, the sales order in good condition to maintain a very high growth rate. And the successful completion of the equity adjustment, the development of the Mercedes Benz opened a new chapter in Fujian. Beijing Automotive Group, Beijing automobile and Fujian Benz chairman Xu Heyi said, Fujian Benz equity, "Bei Dai cooperation continued to deepen. Beijing automobile and Fujian automobile as a strategic partner in concert, with Daimler to carry out a full range of in-depth cooperation.相关的主题文章: