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Beijing 22 vehicles involved in the disposal of the judicial Beijing brand car public bids for Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) today, the Beijing court to start the third year period of the Beijing brand passenger car judicial disposal. The public can be obtained by the Beijing Court seized or detained car ownership through bidding procedures, and handle the registration formalities according to the relevant procedures for the transfer of vehicles. According to the Beijing High Court news, the judicial disposal of small bus for criminal cases and civil and commercial cases in the seizure of vehicles, a total of 22 vehicles. Among them, the highest valuation price for a Mercedes Benz E300 car, the valuation price of 273 thousand and 200 yuan, the lowest is a KIA sedan, the assessment price of $49 thousand and 800. The public through the Beijing Court (JCAS) for disposal of vehicle information, disposal announcement, and participate in bidding. Currently, the details of the vehicle, photos, videos and other information and announcements have been displayed on the internet. According to the regulations, the bidder must have small passenger car Yaohao qualifications, that is in the city of Beijing minibus indicators regulation system has been effective for encoding the examination and verification, but has not yet made the vehicle configuration index of individuals, legal persons and other organizations shall not participate in bidding. It is understood that the Beijing brand car justice continue to use the "set the highest price bidding mode", to assess the price of the vehicle starting price for disposal, at the same time the highest price for the vehicle to assess the price of 150% vehicles. The highest bidder within the limit of the purchase price. When people reported the highest price limit, the Beijing property rights exchange judicial disposal network platform will be based on a unified set of conditions, automatically determine the ultimate buyer. Set the conditions for participation in the passenger quota management information system of Beijing city has the largest number of bidders Yaohao become the ultimate buyer; the same number of bidders, the cumulative number of wave number, the Beijing minibus indicators regulation management information system registered the first time competing to buy human ultimate buyer. Qualified individuals must first sign up to participate in the bidding, once the successful bidder, the buyer paid according to the requirements to fulfill the transaction price and other related procedures, the Beijing High Court and index management agencies jointly issued the "Beijing City Justice minibus transfer registration confirmation notice", within the period of validity to the traffic Control Department of the public security organ for the transfer of the registration procedures, the original vehicle license plate number no longer reserved.相关的主题文章: