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Beckham exposure young son Cruz to enter the music to mother broker – couple son exposure entertainment Sohu enter the music Sohu each one sticks to his own view entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Beckham (David Beckham) and Vitoria (Victoria) wife married 17 years, have 3 sons and 1 daughters. Young son Cruz (Cruz Beckham) genetic mother’s good voice, although only 11 years old, but singing and playing musical instruments and dance swordsmen, parents often Instagram share his singing film, reap much praise. The day before my mother came to Vitoria to serve as his agent, to help him in the music debut. According to the magazine "Closer" reported that Vitoria was interested in acting as the agent of Cruz, the youngest son, and she thought he was the best candidate for the agent of the Cruz. In this regard, Beckham was holding a different attitude, that his wife’s clothing brand career has been busy enough, can not give his son’s attention. Broke the news that he believes that Justin (Justin Bieber) agent Skut (Scooter Braun) is more suitable as the agent of Cruz, that the other side can help Cruz have greater success in the music business. However, the sources broke the news, but Vitoria does not think so, she insisted that he can do, and even for Cruz to sacrifice their careers." Two couples who served as Cruz’s agent in order to pass the things a little trouble each one sticks to his own view, Jiang, Vitoria did not support her husband dissatisfaction in this matter, but Beckham has always believed that Shikute is the best candidate for Cruz’s agent.   相关的主题文章: