Because the guy too small marriage room did not face the street beat his parents

Because the guy too small marriage room did not face the street beat his parents original title: Harbin guy street beat his parents because too little parents to buy a house in November 12th, A Cheng Harbin District Sales Office in front of the parents to buy a house for his son, his son is too small to feel no face, the street quarreled, also hit, sparked outrage! After a few popular way to begin to dissuade, onlookers rushed to the police. After investigation, the man ready to get married. Parents clubbed together to buy the house, but he was too small a house in front of his wife did not face. After police education, men admit. "Didn’t you kill him? Keep you so big!" "Hit him! Hit him!" 14, a few in the North Harbin area A Cheng District three sales office door, a small video of a young man beat the street did WeChat spread in the circle of friends, friends and onlookers caused outrage. This thing is really false? Because what beat their parents? This reporter conducted an interview! The reporter saw in the video, a guy first is a hook to an old man, then jump up and hit the old man with his knee head, then according to the old lady’s face hit, two old Dodge, hurriedly hand block, the crowd of passers-by very angry, scolded: "that killed you? Keep you so big!" Then the young man is ready to leave, a few sightings of things after the road had to go up to beat the young man, and shouted: beat him! Hit him!" A crowd of onlookers rushed to the police. Reporters from the alarm of the Ashe River police station learned that the true, occurred in 12 at noon, the parents did not alarm, the crowd is reported to the police, the police will be the parties back to the police station, the parents went to the police station. Through persuasion and education, beating young men also admitted the error. After investigation, the young men to get married, parents clubbed together to buy him a house, but young men who think the house is small, out of the sales office on parents’ hands. Because the young man suffering from depression, parents know, so it will happen, parents are no way. But the beat is definitely wrong, we were criticized for the young man, persuasion and education for more than two hours, he finally realized his mistake, publicly apologized to the parents, the last one family together back home." Police said. (daily life) editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: