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Beautiful shadows again, the tenth generation E class Benz E coupe version of Countdown – Sohu car Mercedes Benz limousine force under the command of the North American auto show in 2016 January, formally meet with the world’s fans, in addition to follow the contemporary Mercedes Benz family style, design style, import a lot new technology is also one of consumer concern. With the advent of the car, then travel car Estate, new family members of All-Terrain also followed in the upcoming debut, launched in late November’s Losangeles auto show, top performance capability of Mercedes -AMG E63 will soon come out. With the debut of E All-Terrain, and is expected to debut at the Losangeles auto show Mercedes -AMG E63, E family members only E grade Coupé, according to the news that the original intention in the early 2017’s North American auto show, officially released E Coupé. According to Mercedes Benz force planning, coupe E Coupé when the advent of many fans believe the same is seen; according to the European media reports that Mercedes Benz in early 2017, the North American auto show this grand stage, officially released E Coupé, and Coupé models; after the advent of tenth generation of E chassis code W213, can be said to be full official here. From the time point of view the world premiere, E Coupé the domestic market, should fall in the second half of 2017. Follow the current Mercedes Benz family style, E Coupé Coupé and S should be level; and C Coupé have similar family style, and not for the brand identification characteristics. It is expected that the E class Coupé car space layout, the same will be introduced into the large size of the central control panel and instrument panel, and equipped with a wealth of technology, E. Although the original is not yet any relevant information came out, but from the current Mercedes Benz family style, E Coupé the other lines should be Coupé and S; C, Coupé similar, is also accompanied by a more rounded edge design, the rear styling will be more vigorous, even with some ancient flavor. In addition, the interior space and furnishings should also equipped with similar car models, which will provide the large size touch screen, and a combination of large size digital instrument, the driving of auxiliary equipment and safety protection technology also does not have the slightest concession. U-CAR users as early as in August 2016, it has been in the streets of Germany, capture E class Coupé spy photos, and U-CAR also brought reports to users. Fact N相关的主题文章: