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"Be Water My Friend the legend of Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition" in Beijing – Sohu from March 1, 2016 to March 6th, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot will hand in hand with the Bruce Lee foundation in Beijing SKP held 6 days of "Be Water My Friend – the legend of Bruce Lee Memorial exhibition". Water, the world to the soft, riding the world to the firm. As Bruce Lee said, "a good martial artist should be like water, formless and formless, and unable to hurt him with his fist.". Water can flow silently, and it can also be violently impacted. Like water, my friend!" This is also the Bruce Lee Foundation hopes to let the world heritage of valuable spirit. The exhibition includes Bruce Lee’s martial arts film and authentic manuscript manuscripts and other precious collections, the public can also enjoy a variety of Hublot watches limited. And has always advocated "table Hublot fusion art" in time for the traditional and modern bold cross-border, since last November in Hongkong issued Big Bang soul Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary Limited Edition, once again teamed up with the Bruce Lee foundation, a public memorial exhibition held in Beijing legend. "Be Water My Friend – the legend of Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition date: March 1, 2016 to March 6th time: 10 a.m. to 10 point location: Beijing SKP· a layer of about HUBLOT in the atrium Hublot HUBLOT Hublot global board of directors chairman Jean-Claude Biver and chief executive Ricardo Guadalupe led HUBLOT to Hublot the road to success. The launch of Big Bang, King supreme, classic fusion and legacy represents the constant challenge and innovation of tradition. As an innovative model of the Swiss watch industry, Hublot is the first precious metals and natural rubber perfect fusion senior watch brand, revolutionary launched Big Bang series. This series has been awarded many awards in the industry as soon as it was launched. Since then, from the top to the self-made high complex watches, such as Ferrari and FIFA cooperation with the world cup, Miami Heat and the Losangeles Lakers, Hublot by virtue of the "fusion of art" (Art of Fusion) this idea quickly all over the world, for the future exploration never stop. At present, Hublot in the world already has more than 70 boutique stores, including Geneva, Cannes, St. Rope, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing, Hongkong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Ginza……. More information is visible

“Be Water My Friend李小龙传奇纪念展”登陆北京-搜狐   2016年3月1日至3月6日,瑞士顶级制表品牌HUBLOT宇舶表将与李小龙基金会携手在北京SKP举办为期6天的“Be Water My Friend―李小龙传奇纪念展”。水,天下之至柔,驰骋天下之至坚。正如李小龙所说:“好的武术家就应该如水般,无形无式,无法用拳头击伤他。水可静静流淌,也可猛烈冲击。像水一样吧,我的朋友!”这也是李小龙基金会希望让全世界传承的可贵精神。   此次展览包括了李小龙的武学手稿真迹和电影创作手稿等珍贵藏品,公众亦可欣赏到多款宇舶表限量腕表。而始终倡导“融合的艺术”的宇舶表以时间为本,将传统与现代大胆跨界,自去年11月在香港发布Big Bang灵魂李小龙75周年限量腕表后,再次联手李小龙基金会,在北京面向公众举办传奇纪念展。   “Be Water My Friend―李小龙传奇纪念展”   日期:2016年3月1日至3月6日   时间:早10点至晚10点   地点:北京SKP·一层中庭   关于 HUBLOT 宇舶表   在HUBLOT宇舶表全球董事会主席Jean-Claude Biver和首席执行官Ricardo Guadalupe的带领下,HUBLOT宇舶表走向了成功之路。Big Bang、王者至尊、经典融合和传世之作的推出代表着对于传统的不断挑战与创新。作为瑞士制表界的创新典范,宇舶表是第一个将贵金属与天然橡胶完美融合的高级腕表品牌,革命性的推出Big Bang系列。这个系列一经推出就囊括了业界多个大奖。自此,从自制高复杂腕表,到与诸如法拉利、FIFA世界杯、迈亚密热火和洛杉矶湖人等的顶级合作,宇舶表凭借“融合的艺术” (Art of Fusion) 这一理念很快享誉全球,对于未来的不断探索从未停止。目前,宇舶表在全世界已经拥有超过70家精品专卖店,其中包括日内瓦、戛纳、圣特罗佩、巴黎、伦敦、柏林、莫斯科、纽约、迈阿密、比佛利山、拉斯维加斯、阿特兰大、新加坡、上海、北京、香港、迪拜、阿布扎比、吉隆坡、东京银座……。   更多信息可见于 相关的主题文章: