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Batum 20+7 Walker 22 points and 76 negative was the start of the season the Hornets fourth [collection] 76 93-109 hornet Batum bursts super hard three single burst cut 17 Tencent sports news November 3rd NBA regular season, the Hornets won 109-93 in Philadelphia 76 people, 76 people suffered four successive defeats of the season, has not won a victory. Walker played well in the game, 76 people embid de truce, Henderson had 11 points and 3 rebounds and 3 assists, Saric scored 14 points and 7 rebounds, 10 points and 5 assists in Rodrigues, the new aid ilyasova got 14 points and 3 rebounds, Stauss at 7 points, Okafor got 12 points and 5 rebounds. The Hornets Batum scored 20 points and 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Walker 22 points and 7 assists, zele 13 points, Marvin Williams 11 points and 8 rebounds, Kaminski 14 points and 5 rebounds, Berry Nellie 11 points. Game review: wasp sting 76 Zele layup xianbatouchou, corvington immediately is a three point response, the first section of the game, the two sides deadlocked the score, 26 flat end. The second day, Henderson, Rodrigues consecutive three pointers, the storm also have Okafor under the basket, 76 instant firepower, hit a 14-1 wave of attacks, was leading to two figures. In this period, the main wasp began to chase points, Walker, Marvin Williams for the impact of manufacturing destruction, halftime, they will chase the score 46-51. Easy side battles, after the Hornets continued the offensive, opening, they played a 13-0 attack wave counter ultra score. After that, the situation in the field has been controlled by the Hornets, Zeller Walker received the ball, score under the basket, the Hornets poor will be opened to two digits, after this, although 76 people into the Raiders to pick up, but they can not always limit the Hornets attack, the end of the third, the Hornets leading 84-71. In the third quarter, the Hornets scored more than 76 points for the other 19. The last section, the Hornets Reserve began to get angry, firepower, they also played a 15-5 attack climax, once will lead to 19 points. After this, 76 people pick up into the Raiders, but the final 76 time There is not much left., can only swallow the fourth irretrievable, start the bitter fruit. The first two: 76 people: Saric, Henderson, Holmes, Rodrigues, Covington, Batum Walker, hornets: Christa Zele, Marvin Williams, Gil (Gaisang) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not transfer, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: