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Baidu informed the 17 internal disciplinary cases people suspected of embezzlement were held criminally liable Francisco Tencent in September 19th, Baidu recently informed a message of internal staff disciplinary cases circulated on the Internet, being notified 17 cases of discipline cases there are 10 cases involving Baidu Nuomi, because many people suspected of embezzlement and criminal responsibility. Baidu has no public response. The following is Baidu internal mail full text: Baidu Inc occupation ethics committee, serious violation cases notified Victor: now a number of illegal cases in 2016 occupation moral Department has investigation are summarized below, please the management of the company will be forwarded to Baidu mail notification of cases of all staff. Professional ethics committee will be based on the requirements of the company’s management, continue to increase the intensity of the investigation and handling of corruption, processing and exposure of corruption fraud cases, where the violation of national laws, and resolutely transferred to judicial organs according to law. Hope that through the investigation and notification of these cases, the alarm bells ringing, and remind the majority of Baidu alert students: in awe of the heart, the company adhere to the red line system. Abide by the occupation ethics is the practice of "Baidu Simple and Reliable" the minimum requirements of values, please company managers at all levels must strengthen the core values education in their respective teams, to ensure more effective implementation of occupation moral and behavioral norms. On one hand, according to company policies and state laws dealing with discipline staff, improve internal environment; on the other hand, to actively promote the company system and the bottom line. The majority of students are eager to learn a lesson, do not forget the early heart, not dream, realize self value in the Baidu platform to work hard. The majority of students if employees have violated the company occupation ethics behavior or clues, welcome neibujubao@baidu to report, to report all occupation ethics committee will mail a check in the end. During the following work seriously violates the occupation moral and behavioral norms, constitute a serious violation of discipline, was expelled from the company; some people suspected of crimes have been transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility according to law. 1, glutinous rice Chengdu branch Zhang Rui collusion with the external staff for the merchant brush, defrauding the company subsidies. Zhang Rui has been a full refund of the company lost a few million. At present, Zhang Rui has been sentenced to imprisonment and a fine of fraud. 2, central China Regional Director Chi Chai glutinous rice false meeting costs. Due to alleged occupation, the police have accepted our company to report and has begun a criminal investigation. 3, glutinous rice Hefei branch package Swiss resort to deceit of defrauding the company sales commission, and brush the use of virtual stores, defrauding the company subsidies. On suspicion of fraud, the police have accepted our company to report and initiate criminal investigation. 4, glutinous rice sales in Hainan collusion Wu Jun merchants brush single company deals. The amount of money awarded has won back, has been expelled from the company. 5, glutinous rice in East China city of Yangzhou Xu Xu, director of false reimbursement. Have a full refund of false money, has been expelled from the company. 6, glutinous rice Xi’an branch Yang Mo unauthorized interception promotion fee for their own businesses map. On suspicion of embezzlement, the police have accepted my secretary to report criminal investigation. 7, glutinous rice, Feng Yue, Fan Shipeng Zhang Jing of market department (Intern) resort to deceit in market activities, prizes will directly to their relatives and friends. The company has ordered 3 people to refund the occupation.相关的主题文章: