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Baidu executives criticized Zhang Yaqin deducted bonus – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) for Post Bar events within the company Baidu Inc recently published the results of the "Post Bar event", the Baidu Inc executives were given notice of criticism "". Baidu said Post Bar incident huge problems serious Baidu Inc send internal mail claimed that the company recently occurred Post Bar events, great influence, serious problems. The company attaches great importance to the rapid rectification, serious reflection, thorough investigation of the cause of the incident, serious handling of the incident responsible person. The processing results include: General Manager Post Bar division Lu Fubin, the original CBG (user consumer business group director EStaff (Baidu) the highest decision-making level) and general manager of Post Bar division Wang Zhan, mismanagement, monitoring is not in place, are equally important responsibility for the management of this event, decided to give informed criticism, demerits, and then deduct the full bonus. EBG (emerging business group) and market system director EStaff Zhang Yaqin, this leadership responsibility, decided to give informed criticism, and then deducting bonuses. Beijing News reporter noted that no one has been suspended because of the incident and other sanctions. Baidu set up a special group to investigate the cause of the incident in January 9, 2016, Baidu "hemophilia bar" incident caused widespread concern. When users publish help statement, said his department of Baidu. The second main Post Bar hemophilia, but Baidu has unilaterally removed its official duties, and replace the main airborne bar service group, the medical Post Bar commercial operation. In January 12th, Baidu announced the cessation of all kinds of disease business cooperation, the future only to the authority of public organizations open. After the event, the company rectification, at the same time set up a special group to thoroughly investigate the cause of the incident. According to the reporter, at present, Baidu Post Bar registered users more than 1 billion, monthly active users exceeded 300 million, a total of 19 million themes. Previously, it has been in the investment period, is not profitable business, nor fully commercialized. The outbreak of "hemophilia bar" will undoubtedly announce the failure of the commercial attempt. Post Bar Baidu or Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li was "personal preference" of an Internet community products, first by him and the team to eat when AC was born to do "Post Bar" idea. Robin Li himself was active in Ginkgo biloba and Pinus bungeana Post Bar etc.. In 2013, in the Baidu Post Bar 10th anniversary activities site, he also said in the speech, "paste the best time has not come."." "Hemophilia." the incident broke out a week later, Robin Li attended the "future forum 2016", he responded: "very profound reflection, hope to be able to put the crisis into opportunity, let Baidu can accompany you to go a bit farther."

百度多高管因贴吧事件被通报批评 张亚勤被扣奖金-搜狐新闻  新京报讯 (记者刘夏)百度公司近日在公司内部公布了对“贴吧事件”的处理结果,百度公司多名高管被给予“通报批评”。   百度称贴吧事件影响巨大问题严重   百度公司发送内部邮件宣称,近期公司发生的贴吧事件,影响巨大、问题严重。公司高度重视、迅速整改、认真反思,彻底调查事件原因,严肃处理事件责任人。   处理结果包括:贴吧事业部总经理陆复斌、原CBG(用户消费业务群组)主管EStaff(百度最高决策层)兼贴吧事业部总经理王湛,管理失当、部署监控不到位,对此事件负有同等重要管理责任,决定给予通报批评、记大过处分,并扣除当年全额奖金。EBG(新兴业务事业群租)及大市场体系主管EStaff张亚勤,对此事件负有领导责任,决定给予通报批评,并扣除当年部分奖金。   新京报记者注意到,尚未有人因为此次事件受到停职等处分。   百度成立专项小组彻查事件原因   2016年1月9日,百度“血友病吧”事件引发广泛关注。当时有网友发布求助声明,称自己系百度贴吧血友病吧原第二大吧主,但百度方面却单方面撤除其职务,空降官方吧主并撤换吧务组成员,将医疗贴吧商业化运作。   1月12日,百度方面宣布全面停止病种类贴吧的商业合作,未来只对权威公益组织开放。贴吧事件发生后,公司整改,同时成立专项小组彻底调查事件原因。   据记者了解,目前,百度贴吧注册用户超过10亿,月活跃用户突破3亿,共拥有1900万个主题吧。此前贴吧一直处于投入期,是不盈利的业务,也没有充分进行商业化。“血友病吧”事件爆发则无疑宣告此次商业化尝试的失败。   百度贴吧还是百度创始人兼CEO李彦宏个人格外“偏爱”的一款互联网社区产品,最初由他和团队吃饭交流时诞生了做“贴吧”的想法。李彦宏本人也曾活跃在银杏、白皮松等贴吧。2013年,在百度贴吧十周年活动现场,他演讲中还表示过,“贴吧最好的时代还没有来临。”   “血友病吧”事件爆发一周后,李彦宏曾出席“未来论坛2016年会”,他当时回应称:“会非常深刻地反省,希望能够把危机变成机遇,让百度能够陪大家走得更远一点。”相关的主题文章: