Badaling tiger bite incident continued the plaintiff to apply for designated jurisdiction puritans pride

Badaling tiger bite incident continued: the plaintiff to apply for the designation of the original jurisdiction of the title: the case of the Badaling tiger wounding the plaintiff to apply for designated jurisdiction! Is this requirement reliable? The Badaling tigers wounding finally entered the stage of the proceedings! Squad number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) in November 22nd from the incident of the injured Zhao was informed that she and her family has filed a lawsuit in Beijing Yanqing court, to the Badaling wild animal world Co. Ltd. (Badaling Zoo) claims more than 155 yuan, the Yanqing court has been filed. In addition, the plaintiff attorney Yang Zhenzhong said that the plaintiff has applied for a specified jurisdiction, temporarily not reply. In other words, Ms. Zhao can not apply for a party to the Yanqing court case. Well, No. 37 homicide detectives here take everyone to see what reason is feasible and much? – Badaling tiger wounding injured Zhao show wound. Beijing News reporter Xue Jun photo of a Badaling wild zoo "fault" according to the squad number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37), Ms. Zhou family in the event of dead and injured Ms. Zhao to the Badaling wild zoo put more than 155 yuan compensation, the indictment shows that two people were presented in tort litigation, Vic Zhou three relatives as the plaintiff of nearly 1 million 250 thousand yuan in compensation to the Beijing wild zoo in Badaling; Zhao raised 31 yuan compensation. July 23rd this year, 15 am, Yanqing District, Badaling, Beijing Wildlife World Co., Ltd. occurred in Northeast Tiger wounding incident, resulting in 1 dead and 1 injured. August 24th, the Yanqing municipal government investigation team released the results of the survey, said the incident does not belong to the production safety accident in Beijing. "On July 23rd, the Badaling wild zoo. Video surveillance shows Zhao off circle to the cab door, she dragged a tiger bite and walk. Subsequently, his mother got off the car and killed the tiger. Video screenshot on November 22nd, the plaintiff attorney Yang Zhenzhong said they had filed a lawsuit to the Yanqing court last week, the court has filed. The plaintiffs believe that the Badaling wild zoo "fault" in? Zhou’s family said in the complaint, according to China’s "tort liability law", "consumer protection law", "zoo management approach" and other laws and regulations and judicial interpretation of the relevant provisions, the Badaling wild zoo can not shirk its responsibility for Zhou’s death. The fault includes: – self driving tour wild zoo animals flora highly dangerous behavior. The defendant to carry out this business activities, without any expert argument and risk assessment process, in violation of the mandatory provisions of the law, the Department of illegal business. – for the highly dangerous behavior, the defendant did not carry out safety education and training activities dedicated to tourists. – for the highly dangerous behavior, security measures to prevent the defendant not necessary, no effective isolation of beast and tourists. – for the highly dangerous behavior, the defendant has no emergency plan, nor equipped with rescue facilities and equipment necessary (such as the number of warning signs is not enough, not a tranquilizer gun and electric batons, etc.) and the staff does not have the necessary training. – for the highly dangerous behavior, the defendant did not take a piano for the injured相关的主题文章: