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The car market after O2O in deep water areas of 95% projects or will fall – car Sohu after 2014 and 2015 capital swarmed, after the car market is experiencing a severe test of the O2O model, the relevant investment is entering the "winter". Analysis of enfodesk statistics, in 2015 the electricity supplier industry after the car market financing has become more than five A round of financing, more than three A round of financing; and more than 10% wheel B. In 2016 there will be a large number of A round and A round of financing stage of entrepreneurial enterprises due to capital fracture, no reasonable profit model and closed down or be mergers and acquisitions, eventually withdraw from the market. "Now in the lowest stage, there are a lot of people in the ‘swim’, but can ‘swim’ how long, do not know." Pan Jinsong, President of Guangdong automobile supplies association. 95% project will fall? At present, the capital winter swept the entire automotive market after the O2O industry, there are a number of projects are closing the door business. "This is the industry’s concerns, the past few years, many people have to engage in the O2O platform, and some also spent a lot of money, but are rarely successful, almost did not see, most of them are the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach, the majority is still the dead on the beach." Pan Jinsong believes that the current economic environment is not good, coupled with the success of the project is too small, too many failed projects, leading to capital access has become extremely cautious. According to the report by the car vision, in August 26th, auto parts B2B platform Chi Fu announced the launch of the C round of 1 billion yuan financing. Asked how to look at this year’s car market after the capital of winter, Zhang Houqi, chairman of the board of the Chi Chi said, this year (after the market) is indeed a lot of financing, but the C round of financing we progress very well. Investors in the market before burning a lot of money, now more and more cautious, but we are very stable. We have no money, the valuation is not high, so our price and is proportional to the value of." Although the occasional 2016 financing case, but in Pan Jinsong’s view, most of the car prior to the market after the O2O will fail. "Although last year they are more optimistic, but I thought that would be a large number of dead, 95% will die, the remaining 5% will look at what to watch for, their future development." "The car market after the final trillion laurel flowers who, in the future also need a" big fight "." Auto Accessories Market Association China full-time vice president Yao Jun had told reporters that the Chinese car market after the "deep water", there are a lot of mistakes. 2007, the United States to participate in the venture capital Citigroup excellent match with the official operation, known to invest $100 million to build the Chinese version of AutoZone (the largest U.S. auto parts sales chain). At that time, many people regard it as the industry benchmark and high hopes, hoping to lead the industry to develop new models, new directions. However, the "optimization" and failed to assume the historical mission, soon due to competition and strategic mistakes become the auto industry’s passer. In this regard, Yao Jun think, this shows that the industry has yet to be explored. Business)相关的主题文章: