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Jin Hao; 10.14 evening Yellen speech, crude oil, silver market outlook will be how to

Jin Hao; 10.14 evening Yellen speech, crude oil, silver market outlook will be how to operate the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! What should be done today is not done, tomorrow is also delayed, yesterday, no matter how good the volatility did not catch, today will not regret again. There is nothing to be afraid of in the transaction. Hen’s ideal but a bran, but the desire to invest in a warehouse. News information: overnight by EIA data negative impact, rebound in oil prices rise, the international oil prices once again stand on top of the $50, oil prices in the 50 position once again formed the battle for war, the current oil price is 50 dollars to stabilize rebound, or from the new return to $45, the market needs to pay attention to changes in many aspects of the evening. At present, the crude oil market is bad. Supply and demand is still the main suppression of rising oil prices, plus the OPEC empty talk limited production, makes the market prices remain bearish mood. At the same time, the unemployment rate in the United States recorded a record low of 43 years, indicating continued stability in the job market, the U.S. dollar to raise interest rates under the overall situation, the dollar continued to rebound. Crude oil: crude oil EIA fell yesterday evening after a wave of bad V pulled up, which shows that the crude oil market did not give accurate news, according to the preliminary market sources of crude oil or bad side. The market is bearish data, gave the Bulls opportunity in straddle this uncertain situation, the best choice is to look at the support, such as EIA, which broke today low, also broke the record, so the short term, support and resistance is the two position, if not broken that the lack of momentum next, the operation is very simple, in the range of low altitude, if broken and stand firm, is also very simple, follow the trend after single well. Yesterday received a positive column of crude oil, crude oil today morning opened higher, from four hours chart, Bollinger band track three Guaitou, elemental average. Yesterday EIA inventories unexpectedly increased, the price of K has repeatedly try for short-term, oil prices staged deep V reversal, refresh intraday high. K price basically completed W form. Figure MACD express in the slow line in index zero axis has formed on the MACD signs, green kinetic column shrinkage. Overall, prices are still rising technical display space, but pay attention to the market to digest the basic information, or oil prices tumbled, today is Friday, I once again remind investors of the "black swan", in general, mainly to do more callback. Add: WeChat jwh093 to obtain firm guidance. Silver: from the date line, K line running track in the lower Bollinger band, Bollinger band divergence, MACD 0 axis speed line below the MACD running trend, green energy column contraction, K MA5 strong support, this week the first few trading days received small entities, short-term or bottom; four hour chart. K basic stand five day moving average, MACD MACD below the 0 axis speed line running up. On the whole, the gradual presentation of the price of silver相关的主题文章:

Apple response! IPhone exposed major issues call records automatically upload – Sohu

Apple response! IPhone exposed major problems: call records automatically upload – Sohu digital recently, a user using iPhone 7 in the apple forum Tucao, the phone actually secretly upload their call records, simply can not tolerate. For this problem, the Russian security agencies Elcomsoft also found, and also sent a specific problem, first iPhone indeed will automatically upload your call records, the second is iCloud loopholes in the system. The report also stressed that the users of the FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp and other three party software on iPhone, call records are uploaded to the apple server, if you want to say goodbye to this problem, we want to close the iCloud Drive to stop recording uploaded, but very limited iOS experience. For this problem, apple is also the first positive response, this thing is true, in fact, they do so mainly for the convenience of providing synchronization function call records for the user, it can be in any one of the other Apple products on the recovery of call. Of course, Apple also stressed the importance of the user’s privacy rights, because once you use a password in your own iCloud Drive, then the device will encrypt the data. If you want to access the user’s data or iCloud backup, you need the user’s Apple ID and password. Finally, Apple would like fruit powder, use complex passwords as soon as possible, at the same time open dual authentication system.相关的主题文章:

50% children with parents of children WeChat lack of network privacy awareness,

50% children with parents of children WeChat   lack of network privacy awareness, communication channel, original title: 50% children without parents lack of WeChat children’s online privacy awareness is your child in the digital world of friends? Recently, China’s first report on children’s network security released. This is also the first time specifically for children’s network security issues of the largest range of thematic research. The study found that the penetration of new media in children is far more than adults imagine, which also hidden a lot of network risk. In the recently held the third session of the Guangdong provincial network security awareness week, China’s first children’s network security report released. Report by the Guangzhou children’s palace, the United Nations 18 major cities in the Youth Palace, more than 3 to 14 years old children and their parents were investigated and analyzed. The lack of awareness of the children’s online privacy report pointed out that now the children have grown up digital appeared dilinghua tendency is obvious, early in the kindergarten period (3 ~ 6), mobile phone contact rate is 91.8%, the tablet computer contact rate is 83.4%, the computer contact rate is 80.6%. To the primary school grade (9 ~ 10 years old), the rapid expansion of the use of children’s media behavior, the initial development and adult use behavior similar to the small user". Junior high school (13 ~ 14 years old) has become a new media communicator, creator, many aspects of digital skills than parents. Children’s problems in the protection of personal privacy on the Internet: "if you want to fill out the real information, how would you do?" Only 32.5% of the children would ask their parents for advice, and the proportion of direct fill from the lower grades of the elementary school to the junior high school increased by 10.5% to $2.9%. Lack of responsibility for network security research report pointed out that parents’ mistakes is one of the reasons leading to increased risk. The first is not to become a child’s digital friends, 44.7% of parents are not on the QQ, 55.8% of the parents did not on WeChat, 62.9% of the parents did not add friends on the micro-blog and children. The second is not the implementation of effective security measures, the application of 61.7% of the parents do not have children screened a mobile phone or tablet computer, 67.7% of parents give their children the tablet computer is not agreed to play time and content. Third did not become a good example of the child’s digital media behavior habits: in the children’s impression, parents at home like to play mobile phone. Finally, the parents in front of the children in the early and no influence, when asked about the question of learning who is the object of help?" The children said that when in primary school grade, the first choice is the mother (34.1%) or father (17.5%), but to the junior high school, they are more inclined to find students (25.4%) or the Internet to find their own answers (21.4%). "Five steps" to protect the safety of the network 1 to grasp a principle: the disadvantages, to make good use of new media, to avoid adverse effects, let the children safe, healthy and civilized use of new media. 2 distinguish a good grasp of the two stages: before the age of 8 children and the establishment of rules, culture media)相关的主题文章:

I received the tangled market market continue to wait and see-嘿嘿taxi

I received: the tangled market market continue to wait and see Fortune Dragon: the tangled market market continue to wait and see wealth Ge believes that "the tangled market continue to wait and see" the current market trend is still very tangled, the weight plates were generally flat, although the intention of the afternoon with the challenge in line, but still failed, the market repeatedly challenge the line ended in failure, can only say that the position of the pressure, while facing the line, unable to break, can only choose to shock the way gradually digest the top lock plate, which is one reason why the weight plates attack not only keep the second weekend soon due to the news of the uncertainty, most investors have to wait and see, this also caused serious shrinking turnover, the whole market trend for tomorrow’s wealth after Ge Continue to maintain a cautious attitude. The sixth sense: why the market even dare close Wuyang market first, dare to even the five Yang approximation method in line, that is a multi camp plan is a planning, I think its purpose should be outside the capital does not cause too much attention, so imperceptibly to go up, waiting outside the capital to understand, perhaps late several steps. Second, of course, some investors will swallow more because the situation not to regard it as right, the Yin and Yang is also very common, although I tend to be optimistic, but also a little worried, because I have ten years of age of shares, seems not to have experienced such a situation, this is a new situation. In fact, the five line third, although there are traces of deliberate support, but cannot be excluded outside the capital have the foresight to gradually enter. Jade: Cracks in the oscillation frequently saw the trend index continued yesterday late adjustment, all day long in shock pattern, again after midday on the touch line after the usual diving, while diving after trading up in, the amount of energy also appeared obvious atrophy, the recent market shrinking after each jerk has obvious diving, diving after pulling up the index in a narrow space arrangement. The stock index on the wave has been 17 days high callback concussion, but since early May every shock adjustment time is basically in about 15 days, the stock index has always been hovering in Bollinger rail near, so although the index jumped, but funds do not have a breakthrough, so the formation of frequent saw the trend. Desert Eagle: tomorrow challenge 3100 points mark on Thursday the stock market concussion dressing pattern, Shanghai refers to rest under 3100 points, after only a little plate to maintain the market sentiment, the market in 5 with Yang K-line combination, all day long (Shanghai all day long turnover of reduced volume 165 billion 900 million). From the current market, the market withdrawal of the 16 trading days after the choice of direction, although today is finishing concussion, but still more kinetic energy, Shanghai refers to the late upside is expected to 3140 points. Operation, still is to make full preparations, namely high throw, rising volume volume down low, turnover is bad in the background, there is still short-term thinking, can be adjusted in advance of the old hot ambush, once the line pulled out can profit.相关的主题文章:

A new strategy to fund into the meat and potatoes of 500 million yuan scale covering more than 80%

A new strategy to fund into the meat and potatoes of 500 million yuan scale covering more than 80% of the shares of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Wang Rui, with the accelerated pace of IPOs, the main strategy to fight the new fund income is even more impressive, once regarded as chicken ribs to fight the new strategy is only a means of thickening of the income of the fund, now with attractive yields, as funds sought meat and potatoes again. It is understood that the recent multi flexible allocation of funds have been raised in advance to set up the end of the target location for the fight. In July this year, the establishment of a new strategy to play the main fund, the class C share of the current yield has reached 7%." Beijing, a medium-sized fund company marketing department told reporters. With IPO steadily, once regarded as chicken ribs to fight the new strategy with its attractive yields, are sought after again. According to the reporter, the newly established fund in the near future, a large proportion of flexible configuration hybrid funds, which, many funds will be raised in advance of the end of the day. A fund company sources told reporters that the majority of these funds to fight the new main strategy for the outsourcing of customized funds. In fact, bank’s capital investment basic YISHION bonds, the financial risk appetite is low, even if the new fund to fight almost no risk, but still belongs to equity assets, therefore, conservative banking outsourcing funds is irresistible. However, with the intensification of the shortage of assets, and the rapid decline in the rate of return on assets, playing more and more foreign funds to attract new. Since only a small part of the funds needed to build the bottom of the warehouse, the new fund does not need to take up too much money, and be able to thickening fund performance. With the issue of new shares, the new strategy has been playing a variety of eligible fund applications, even the number of funds are frequently involved in the. "The current debt stocks are very difficult to obtain a larger income, but can increase the income of the fund’s strategy at this stage will be applied, the equity fund can have more investment strategy, or the new play now more important." A quantitative fund manager said. In addition, many of the use of capital preservation strategy of the two debt based in the early stage is also focused on playing a new low risk investment strategy. According to brokerage forecast data, as at the end of the first half of this year, new shares under the net purchase limit for a median of 267 million yuan, 3~4 billion yuan scale fund covering more than 70% of the shares, 500 million yuan scale covering more than 80% of the shares, the size of the new fund to fight 3~20 billion in net, investors may be concerned about. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: