Aunt nephew head hit out with angle 10 year old boy died at home-lformat

Aunt nephew head hit out with angle 10 year old boy died at home in forensic bloodstain notes have been "red" the murder scene, and the splash of white brains, the whole room is filled with the smell of death. Yang Tingting said, as the forensic scene, to restrain the fear of sensory stimulation. With a calm state of mind and meticulous techniques, to carefully investigate every inch of the scene. Find the blood found in this case a pants and a garbage box angle is the key to the 10 year old boy was killed. The first act: "bloody" scene in adult blood footprints one day in 2015 in the evening, 110 alarm calls "killed five North Zone of peace street in a 10 year old boy home." Yang Tingting is a high fever in the hospital infusion, the phone rang, she picked up the phone, struggling to slide the screen to answer, "well, immediately." She readily pulled out the infusion needle, rubbed his eyes, got up and went out. At the scene, police cars parked in residential buildings around, blinking lights. Incident around the door, pull up the cordon than the scope of the general case to be large. Scene to maintain order police look serious. Cordon off, Yang Tingting went straight to the scene of the crime. This is an ordinary houses, two bedrooms and a living room pattern, and not. The house is a mess, the core site in one of the rooms, beds, walls, floor, stairs and corridors aisle door at the splash of blood, and left the indoor corridor of adult blood footprints, residual material bed with skull fragments and flow out of the brain. Yang Tingting gasped, opened the box, collect the clues, blood sampling etc.. The second act: 10 year old child why was this? The parents of the children cried, the same day early in the morning, the child’s parents go out to work, leaving a 10 year old son at home. That evening, the couple thought alone at home son time to eat dinner, hurried home, did not expect to see the scene but the child had fallen in a pool of blood. The couple quickly sent his son to the hospital, but has been unable to make improvements. On site inspection environment, Yang Tingting inference, he was sharp blow to the head killed, may not necessarily Dutch act, others to attack children killed. Although the family chaos, but have not been shuffled traces, no loss of valuables. In addition, the door has not been destroyed, there is no evidence of the scene of the fight, it is likely to be an acquaintance of crime." Who will do to the 10 year old boy, what kind of mind? The scene is still dense fog. The third act: looking for lost blood at the scene found a number of pajamas, splashes of blood, but no blood and the weapon. The child’s head was serious sharp blow, but what exactly is this "sharp"? "The scene repeated inspection for upside down, but could not find." Yang Tingting said later, some people say that will not be taken away by the murderer? If the murderer took the weapon, will take you to where? Dustbin! If he takes the weapon, is sure to find a place to discard, the nearest distance from the scene, is the trash! The police immediately began to trash on the scene around the turn. Finally, a bloodied angle was found. At the same time, in the process of looking for the murder weapon in a scene with blood also women’s pajamas.相关的主题文章: