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A test base more than 70% army Army test of conventional weapons — Jiangsu windows — original title: a test base more than 70% army Army test of conventional weapons "king of the Marines" race, officers and soldiers driving tanks 96A team won the first; "field kitchen" shooting game, I cook in the use of domestic 95 automatic battle rifle, with a total score of 116 won the championship…… Even Japan, from the international arena to upload news contest, let the army a test base of soldiers feel relieved. The first driving test of a 96A tank sergeant Ding Kesheng a face of pride. 95 automatic rifle type test director, senior engineer Huang Xueying confidence: "I have confidence in my hand by setting the armed forces of the gun!" As China’s earliest form, Asia’s largest and most comprehensive national range, a test base of the army is mainly responsible to army weapons, both sea and air forces, police weapons, rocket design, test, identification, setting task. The Al Qaida leader said that since the formation of the base, test and evaluation of weapon equipment accounted for more than 70% of the conventional army weapons and equipment, has more than 1000 kinds of weapons and equipment from here into the class row, the battalion to the battlefield, toward the blue sky sea, highlighting the power in the international arena, joint military drill and other major military operations. Aimed at the future battlefield test equipment, they created the test quality management system covering the whole process of the experiment, strict control of experimental conditions, test data acquisition, test data analysis and other checkpoints, improve safety and reliability, environmental adaptability assessment program. Aiming at cultivating talents in tomorrow’s war, they set up a complex command team, which is a combination of technology and technology, to seize the leading edge of the expert team, and to tackle the key technical team. Forging a world-class conventional weapons walking sonorous, recent research achievements of the base have successively won the national, ministries, army level scientific and technological progress awards more than 500, which was the first national science and technology conference in recognition of the project 5, National Science and technology progress award two prize 4, military science and technology progress award 11. (commissioning editor Zhang Xin and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: