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"Anti-corruption Storm 2" God Goddess spirit beauty beautiful enough to feast the eyes Sina entertainment news by Raymond Wong [micro-blog] producer, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Zhou Yumin, [micro-blog], Ada Choi [micro-blog], Bowie Lam [micro-blog], Chen Jing, Sheng Jun co starred in the crime action movie "anti-corruption Storm 2" is the big studios film. After the release of the film, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin three, and handsome male god of abstinence and Ada Choi immediately became the focus of fans hot, Bowie Lam, Chen Jing is also popular with viewers. The "old friends praising starring Tammy, for decades a style is still" beautiful enough to feast the eyes ". "Louis and Chi Lin is so handsome. "Zai is a history of the most handsome killer! "The empress’s madam Wang stem Lian handsome sharp, nei. "More fans will" corruptly "God Goddess dubbed the famous, remarkable affection. "2" is the anti-corruption storm starring praise Yan cool "spirit of abstinence old faces of the children to suction eye was accompanied by a generation has grown up" several male god goddess of the assembly "anti-corruption Storm 2", "three a strong lineup after" the piece became yen value award in the works. Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Qi ruffian Zhou Yumin highlights the strong murderous masculinity for the film, Ada Choi Curve Wrecker goddess image shines, the strength to send Bowie Lam and budding actress Chen Jing for the film considerably, "Hong Kong Gold supporting group also has outstanding performance. After viewing many viewers praising each starring flourishing beauty. "For so many years, men of God who is still" not old face time ‘, but let them more." "Louis unified China female aesthetic, Chi Lin or the long standby" dimple men of God, Zai Zai in "meteor garden" in the handsome to my heart, the three together can Yan value awards, handsome out of the sky." "From the" chongshangyunxiao "on uniformed Julian Cheung Louis inextricably bogged down in, more needless to say, the two Department of abstinence handsome together, I give out the lineup." "The most surprising is lucas! The most handsome killer in history! Needless to say!" "Sonny than before more of a cold abstinence temperament, at first glance, a bit like Tony Leung [micro-blog]." Fans of Ada Choi, who plays madam king horse manager Bowie Lam and Liu Aibi as Chen Jing Pingjiapogao: "empress handsome and dashing, body exudes a strong gas and." "Bowie Lam is worthy of Hong Kong ‘multi male god’, a gentleman who disclose behavior." Little star Chen Jing also got praise of some fans, called the "pure sweet girl next door, let a person have to protect." Who is your dish?" God goddess turned "famous" lead users to call "2" anti-corruption storm "beautiful enough to feast the eyes" after the release, the strong cast, whirling plot and exciting action scenes to make many fans aftertaste, actors "appearance is beautiful enough to feast the eyes" let the audience salivating. Therefore, some enthusiastic fans in the concept of the movie "2" for the anti-corruption storm all the male god goddess "private custom" a delicacy)相关的主题文章: