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Anshun agricultural firm "three carriages" pull out the new world, Guizhou channel — in the face of economic downturn, spreads narrowed, competition, tighter regulation and other challenges, Anshun rural commercial bank to transfer mode, adjust the structure, steady growth "as the main line, to Small and micro businesses in financial services, credit construction, support major project construction as the" three carriages ", Small and micro businesses to grow, the release of the" three rural "vitality, boost the development of local economy. "The first carriages": R & D small micro E platform to Small and micro businesses to grow Small and micro businesses "loans", "loans" and "agricultural products market" narrow, Anshun rural commercial banks to establish Small and micro businesses operation management system, set up 5 Small and micro businesses financial services centre and 10 financial services franchise team, creating 18 financial services products, the implementation of the "business + business" of the "1+N" service mode, the establishment of the city’s first Park Branch, innovative research and development of Small and micro businesses financial services E platform, with electricity and big data mining model, the Small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households daily trade moved to the network. Customers, realize the sharing of information resources, grid management, cloud services, online financing needs intelligent matching target for Small and micro businesses to build a "one-stop" comprehensive and efficient financial services Taiwan. At present, small and micro financial services on the E platform has 8000 Small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households filing credit rating, the total amount of 3 billion 28 million yuan, Small and micro businesses loans 2 billion 376 million yuan, accounting for 35.25% of total loans, at the same time, the electronic commerce platform has brought together digital home appliances, the characteristic agricultural products, agricultural products, furniture Home Furnishing. Accommodation and catering, leisure and entertainment, real estate and other 223 enterprises, the platform during the test run, the monthly trading volume of about 1000, sales amounted to 8 million 500 thousand yuan. The "second carriages": strengthening the construction of credit release of the "three rural" activity based on the rural financial credit to create success, Anshun rural commercial bank to create credit Township, credit unit, credit credit Park, relying on the community, the implementation of the "network war, to seize the rural market, and vigorously support the development of industries with local characteristics" five emerging industries "development, to further consolidate and maintain the results of credit construction, tamp the foundation of business development. At present, farmers filing 100%, 95.76% successfully created credit rating, group 854, credit village (neighborhood) 208, credit township (town) 15, creating the integrity of unit 78, the integrity of the enterprise 126. Distribution of agricultural loans 3 billion 972 million yuan, an increase of 539 million yuan. In the outlets for one, the entire jurisdiction of the 20 rural branches of the deposit scale, incremental, growth are more than Agricultural Bank, postal bank and other financial institutions. The "third carriages": support for the construction of major projects, assist the local economic development in June 2016, Anshun rural commercial bank and the district government signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Anshun rural commercial bank will be in the next 3 years, to provide quality financial services to various economic entities, Xixiu District City complex, cultural services, to achieve a total of not less than 30 billion yuan of credit. At present, Anshun rural commercial bank to launch credit funds 41 key projects, 1)相关的主题文章: