An Overview About The Dreambox Receiver-ddrtys

Computers-and-Technology Linux based DVB receivers are a rare phenomenon. The first of its kind is the Dreambox DM 500-S. This is the only customizable DVB receiver and is a user friendly option for the customer. There is also a feature by which it can be connected to an Ethernet modem R232. The receiver has now become quite famous across the country with many offers for the same. There is a decrease in the sales of the other DVB receivers with this advent. Here, we can have a short technical discussion about the Dreambox 500-S and some of its major features. With an astounding 250 Mega Hertz Power PC processor, the Dreambox 500-S supports a wide range of video text. There is even support given for the electronic program guide which aids the functionality of the LNB switching control system. The Linux operating system makes the Dreambox a unique one and also provides an option of Smart Card reader. The Smart card functions with the usual routine to receive the signal with SIM present inside it. The Smart Card needs to be inserted into the Dreambox 500-S slot which is provided. The Dreambox 500-S has a 32 Mega Byte of RAM which is considered to be the fastest one for any of the satellite receivers. The previous editions of the satellite receivers had 16 to 22 Mega Byte of the Random Access Memory which can process a whole lot of data at a very rapid rate. The Dreambox also has the usual support for a wireless radio within it which can be operated with the help of remote control. The customization can be made in order to support an unlimited range of channels in the Dreambox. The next advancement is the Dreambox 800 which projects itself as the Dreambox HD High Definition in the picture clarity. There is a whole lot of expectation for the same and hence the release of the same is spectacular. The Dreambox 800 has a suitable pair up with the LCD and the LED televisions which can project the high definition in the right output as expected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: