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Financial products contact rates on its amazing bank quietly earned a lot of money in the Sohu according to melt 360 monitoring data show that the rate of return financial products has continued for several weeks below 3.7%, Rong 360 financial analysts believe that in 2016 the bank financial products revenue will continue to "downturn" future potential in the fourth quarter, the average expected rate of return to 3%-4% interval. In contrast with the rate of return is sluggish, strong growth in bank financial services fee income. Data show that the fastest growing income of the Bank of Beijing, the first half of the financial business to achieve revenue 912 million yuan, an increase of $81.31%. The history of the highest rate of return on investment banking: 2 million 300 thousand banks took 950 thousand risk free money management in high yield almost extinct investment environment, investors tend to choose bank financing, however, buy sell fine, the bank made a fortune. Do not charge any money to buy bank financing? If you ask the bank staff to ask whether there is a fee to buy bank financing, usually the answer is not charge any fees". However, financial 360 small banks through the query specification financial products, most banks will charge a one-time fee in the sale of financial products, the name of the cost from management fees, custodian fees and sales charges vary, and each bank rate is not the same, even the same bank charges the amount and different financial products are not the same. Because banks in the calculation of the expected rate of return financial products, mostly have this part of the expenses into account, which has been deducted, for investors to do not charge a fee, so the bank reply given by the staff is no ground for blame. Buy bank financing costs how to calculate according to the statistical financial 360 small, bank financial products generally include the following 5 types: the cost of subscription fees, subscription fees, custodian fees, sales fees, redemption fees, investment management fees. Each bank is different for each product, each type of fee collection standards, all kinds of fees is as follows: the cost of hosting fees have been deducted from the annual yield of the financial funds are usually managed by another bank, individual banks by their own hosting, hosting fees issued by the payment to the trust bank, but in fact the cost is paid by the investors, the rate is 0.02%-0.2%; sales charge: most of the bank’s sales rate of 0.2%-0.5%; subscription fees, subscription fees: most banks waive subscription fees, subscription fees, the rate is 0; investment management fees: a few banks will directly mark management fee of 0.3%, 0.4% but, most banks do not give specific rates, usually for this explanation: if the deduction of the custodian fees and sales of hand Renewal of financial products the actual annual yield of more than the highest expected annual yield of more than, as part of the bank’s management fee. Annual rate of return of the cost of redemption fees: closed, fixed income financial products are mostly no redemption fees, but open, net class financial products to collect redemption fees相关的主题文章: