Alyssa Chia’s eldest daughter takes care of her sister like a little mother-lm3886

Alyssa Chia is the eldest daughter of intimate care sister like "little mother" Alyssa Chia praised the Indus sister little mother does not like does not Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Alyssa Chia [micro-blog] have 2 daughters, Indus sister also announced the day before does not does not, the news of pregnancy, in 4 months later the 3 child, for home in another 1 girls. She said the 11 year old Indus sister since when her sister, often take the initiative to help care does not does not, even if the mother is not at home, can also be good for sister changing diapers, feeding, feeling very good, the future will be how to get along with the 3 sisters, my mother is looking forward to! An interview with Alyssa Chia before the 11 year old Indus sister like praise does not does not little mother, diapers, powdered milk, feeding all can do. Several times Alyssa Chia worked, hurriedly returned home and found the sister does not care for the plane does not very good, but also for my sister read story books, teach English, "may be the age difference between brothers is relatively large, there is not the same spark will appear, also pretty fun." Alyssa Chia said, since that is pregnant with her third child, Indus sister has been very excited, not only drawing, writing to the mother, is also looking forward to the prediction of the little sister looks, will not look like her or does not does not; as just over 1 years old does not does not have yet, can understand the occurrence what’s the matter, but also with the belly happily interactive Alyssa Chia, "for them, like a new toy to feel." The whole family is looking forward to the arrival of new members. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: