Alyssa Chia’s daughter bathing as super adorable, Shiou read collapsed (Figure)

Alyssa Chia’s daughter bathing as super adorable, Shiou read collapsed (Figure) super adorable eyes does not does not according to Taiwan media reported "ETTV cloud", artist Shiou in 2015 and Alyssa Chia married 9 years, the same year awarded the daughter does not does not round, her big eyes and innocent look adorable one netizen, like the youngest red net. With the 8 full moon does not does not age, activity is more and more big, to engage in activities more and more, mother Alyssa Chia took her out of the "fitness", a pair of big eyes look around, look again melt fans curious baby. Shiou face book does not follow mom go out early in the morning. Does not do sports venues in his hands clutching the railing, feet has shaped open limbs looks quite powerful, the spirit is quite full, just a year old soon she seemed all things are very interested in, wide eyed look around, playful spitting the tongue, lovely appearance by fans: "deficit is looking for handsome?" After exercise does not follow, does not mother wash a comfortable shower, the spirit is very good to her, a pair of big eyes still staring at the mother’s lens, super electric eyes fascinated netizens, Alyssa Chia also did not forget the warning before Shiou, specially with love maps help just out of the bath does not cover does not point "however, the father seems to think this protective measures are not enough, and immediately forwarded posts and collapse orders quickly wear good…" Shiou, fans were laughing bad reaction, say "Dad does not does not behind you, very fire, and father jealous". Related news: when the father does not does not catch Shiou: she just wants to follow me for a lifetime time: 2016 08 month 15 days to source: ETTV cloud Bubu 1 birthday, spent with my father and mother, sister, and follow the traditional week. According to Taiwan media news "cloud" reports, artist Alyssa Chia in 2015 and Shiou married 9 years younger, the same year gave birth to a daughter, daughter does not does not, 14 full 1 year old birthday, the couple held a birthday party in the hotel, and let the daughter "ceremony, did not expect even when the father does not does not catch, let dad happy shouting:" she just wants to follow me for a lifetime!" Does not does not 1 birthday cake, mom and dad are special with Jolin sugar custom team. The 14 day does not does not over 1 years old birthday, mother Alyssa Chia, father Shiou and sister together for Indus sister she held a warm birthday party, my parents also to Jolin’s team made sugar sugar cake, is a picture of her and she is also the prototype build, according to the custom in the. When the father does not catch does not, let Shiou "daughter control" super happy. When the appliance in the preparation of brokers to share, Huai, "severe daughter control" Shiou wanted to put a picture of yourself, then still follow the traditional play, unexpectedly does not does not play, the first catch is Dad, let Shiou super happy shout "she just wants to follow me for a lifetime", hopes for her daughter always stay in their side; in the second round of "ceremony, does not does not choose the dictionary, with his quiet temperament very fit. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifen.相关的主题文章: