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Software In todays technology driven world, with global economic upheaval, integrating state of art technology to various business applications and to achieve desired results is a challenge to the core business team. .bining business management and software engineering, Application Lifecycle Management covers the entire history of an application, utility, software solution, from the initial idea to its removal from an organizations system. This is a continuous process of managing the lifecycle of an application through governance, development and maintenance. It includes software tools such as coding, testing, tracking and release management to integrate architecture and management. Change being an integral part of the present business scenario, alm solutions facilitates the development and deployment team to use of best practices leading to an increase in productivity. Effective collaboration synchronizes application and design as well as cuts down on the time required for maintenance. This enables distribution of efficient and effective business processes throughout the enterprise. Application Life-cycle Management is the management of the software from initial development to final release. It is a collection of processes, roles and deliverables, which can be controlled and improved with each successive changes of the software development life cycle. En.passing all these practices and tools that aid in managing an application’s lifecycle from both business and development, the entire cycle can be broken down into phases, such as, Issue Tracking, Analysis and Development, Version control, Build, Quality assurance, approval process and deployment. Each of this phases in the Application Life-cycle Management process is expected to reach a specific maturity level of the software development process. An ALM solution is a set of several tools managing the various aspects of application software life cycle. These include maintaining records about configuration items, change requests, repository for storing versions of sources, and automating the manufacturing of systems. Though most of these tools are relatively independent, the change management tools are not integrated with the development tools. Implementing a proper ALM solution along with the best software engineering tools will help facilitate a continuous improvement process for the organization. A proper ALM solution solves these issues arising in the development stages, to building and production stages. This is done by automation, expanding control and visibility throughout the whole process. Global organizations have created a need for a faster and reliable ALM solution across multiple locations. Agile application lifecycle management .es to the rescue at such stage of the software development process. It embraces change and enables to match up to the requirements of this .plex IT environment with software life cycle changes being managed across different locations, multiple technologies, methodologies and platforms concurrently. With a focus on improving the state application software development, Agile ALM is designed to meet the challenges of improving the process from a technological point. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: