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Ali YunOS’s ambitions have much in addition to cars and refrigerators – Sohu Alibaba Sohu CEO Zhang Yong Technology Group Science and technology news just with SAIC launched the Roewe RX5 car networking co Ali YunOS, did not stop. September 8th Ali and the U.S. group announced a strategic cooperation in the field of IoT, and released the first intelligent refrigerator based on the YunOS system of the United States, OS set wisdom". The ambition of the YunOS sector is not only reflected in the field of car networking, the potential of smart home has become the gold they aim at. Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said at the press conference, the next layout, hot and growth engine must come from the era of Internet of things. Currently, Ali has been in the layout of the Internet IoT car, smart watches, mobile phones, televisions, smart car and many other areas. Midea Group Chairman Fang Hongbo said that intelligent manufacturing is not equivalent to the unmanned factory, but to the data as the core, the product from the sale to the procurement of logistics and distribution links. Intelligent life in the future, smart kitchen is a very imaginative scene, the refrigerator in the layout of the smart kitchen is the best connection point, there are more advantages than other appliances. Alibaba OS business group president Zhang Chunhui said to the media, not only is the connection between the interconnection of all things, the future will bring people, goods and services three net connected with the artificial center, let the service flow, the refrigerator will not just be a household appliance, which is a service platform, more is a hardware platform for innovation." General manager of the U.S. group refrigerator division Wang Jianguo said, smart Internet era, intelligent single product and intelligent system is a foundation, "the advantage of the refrigerator is 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days standby products, it will continue to produce the consumables, food storage, good foundation and user interaction." Wang Jianguo said. In the strategic conference Ali also launched YunOS@Home, Alibaba OS group business group general manager Ali intelligent division Gu Zhicheng said "YunOS@Home is a new intelligent family life style", YunOS provides the underlying system support, data capacity and infrastructure to provide services, Ali and scene for the intelligent. YunOS@Home through the YunOS system, YoC chip, cloud computing and big data, combined with hardware vendors open kitchen, environment, health, security, video and other products Home Furnishing. In March this year, the United States has announced the M-Smart SDK open platform Home Furnishing’s wisdom, has a partnership with HUAWEI, IBM, TCL, dooya, COFCO and other enterprises. According to research firm Research and Markets report shows that the next five years, the global smart home equipment and services market will grow at an annual rate of 8%~10%, the market size in 2018 will reach $68 billion. Young consumer groups increasingly strong demand for quality of life, is expected in 2016, in 2017 China’s smart home market scale compound growth rate will exceed 20%. (Cloud)相关的主题文章: