Ali entertainment writer fist Yang Weidong Ali served as music CEO

Ali entertainment writer "fist": Yang Weidong Ali Gao Xiaosong | concurrently CEO music exclusive from the virtual practice, Ali shuffle of entertainment as living in the West for many years wit, if Gao Xiaosong put aside the so-called "real" pursuit, willing to return Goulian, networking resources, which for him at home. The chairman of the new chairman of the entertainment strategy committee, also did not see a suitable arrangement. The | editor Li Yuan | Shaw sat three turns more than and 400 days after Ali music chairman, Gao Xiaosong received a new appointment. At noon on September 18th, Alibaba SMG entertainment group leader Yu Yongfu published an open letter in the interior, announced the departure of Gao Xiaosong Ali music chairman, chairman of the strategic committee to Ali entertainment, Song Ke took over as chairman of the music by Yang Weidong Ali, Ali served as music CEO. In the open letter, the division of labor changes as follows: Ali music chairman Gao Xiaosong will be fully responsible for Ali Entertainment International Strategy; the original music Ali CEO Song Ke will be responsible for Ali, Ali became chairman of the music, music and performing business innovation and development; one group president Yang Weidong will serve as Ali CEO music, audio-visual resources and accelerate open platform this change; for Gao Xiaosong, on the surface is quite decent. Gao Xiaosong also used "sailing into the sea in micro-blog, the voyage" to express a future of heroic love. But linked to Ali recently for its entertainment sector and rapid adjustment calls, can not help people have more Lenovo on the personnel changes. In April 2016, one group (Youku potatoes) was officially acquired by Ali; on May, Yang Weidong officially became president of a group, and is responsible for the overall business platform Youku, potatoes, crazy, play. In June, Ali completed a preliminary integration of one group, and then announced the establishment of the "great entertainment" plate. This new giant department is divided into several subjects: Ali pictures, one group, Ali Ali UC, music, sports, games, literature, Ali Ali digital entertainment division. China Entertainment leading group members include pictures of Ali CEO Zhang Qiang, Yang Weidong, Gao Xiaosong, chairman of the music Ali CEO Song Ke, Zhang Dazhong CEO, President of UC sports Ali He Xiaopeng, they were to report to the head of Yu Yongfu. Note that Koo is not on the list, but transferred to the Chinese entertainment industry development committee chairman of the work of the leading group. This appointment was seen as Koo with no reality whatever is "overhead" sign. Soon, the rumor was confirmed by Gu Yongqiang himself. In September 10th, he said in a group of the second meeting of the Internet culture and entertainment ecosystem open meeting, his horse, horse for a long time to take a break. The Ali entertainment fast shuffle before and after less than half a year, it was found that although Yang Weidong and Gao Xiaosong and Song Ke, "the" Ali al entertainment leadership team members ranked, but he obviously have more right to speak. At the beginning of September, Ali came the concept will build big big big UC, excellent soil, Ali mother. Among them.相关的主题文章: