Aircon Maintainence .pany That Increase Your Aircon Cleanliness Using Unique

Business In Singapore, almost most house needs an air-conditioner due to the humid weather of Singapore. As aircon is almost a necessity in Singapore, most aircon are frequently used & spoil frequently due to poor aircon maintainence. In order to enjoy good quality air, we require to deploy an aircon servicing agent to maintain your. In addition, the aircon servicing should and do not use "General Servicing". General Servicing actually uses a vacuum machine to remove dust (not mold) from the aircon surfaces and get rid choke at the drain area, it is useless in removing dirt, gel liked chemicals or bad smell from the fan coil. The advantages of "general Servicing" is often overly exaggerated. Claims that it helps to improve the air quality, prevent water drips and prolong the life-span of the air conditioner is usually an over statement. But I have to agree that it improves the air flow if the filters are dirty, which you can easily wash them yourself. While General serving cleans the aircon covers making them look cleaner and making you "feel healthy", you might already be turning ill from a unhygienic air conditioner. We had found an aircon service .pany, branded as DingFeng Aircon. They provide an customed aircon servicing technique. These way of aircon cleaning is totally safe & good for us. Consider the fact that, how many times have you hired the aircon repair .pany to .e back and fix the water dripping problem only to require them .e back again the next week? How many times have the aircon servicing technician told you that although having a maintenance contract, your air conditioner is not clean and you need to pay another $100-$150 for some "chemical servicing" and you go back to your landlord only to hear from her a few days later that the tenancy contract states that all minor repair less than $150 is to be paid by you? This is why we emphasize on the need to search for a reputable aircon maintainence .pany. We highly re.mend Aircon Services as your {chosen About the Author: 相关的主题文章: