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Air pollution in Henan environmental protection — an antidote against the disease — original title: air pollution in Henan in October 22, an antidote against the disease Zhengzhou newspaper (reporter Zhu Peixian) since the summer, Henan to strengthen top-level design, develop a "1+6+7" rule haze "strategy:" 1 "is about to win the battle air pollution control advice"; 6 is the party with the responsibility system and accountability system, grid monitoring system, sewage permit system, ecological compensation system, target assessment system and 6 system security documents; "7" is the 7 special crucial program. "Henan to zhuangshiduanwan, guagu drug determination and courage, determined to win the battle air pollution control." Henan provincial Party Secretary Xie Fuzhan said. According to the analysis of the source of pollution, Henan identified the dust control, coal control, car control, oil control, control row, burning control six control initiatives. The provincial municipality, county (city) government and 7 ministries and departments to submit "air pollution prevention target responsibility book" to the provincial government, the establishment of the city, county, township and village four environmental protection supervision responsibility system. Zhengzhou city has the construction site dust pollution control system, through the mobile phone positioning and upload pictures etc., on-site complaints; Luyi County launched the blue sky guard engineering, the purchase of 5 unmanned reconnaissance aerial machine, the installation of 100 blue sky Guardian HD camera. Henan actively explore the establishment of emissions trading system, the introduction of "Interim Measures for the administration of permits," "major pollutants of compensation for the use and emission rights trading management Interim Measures", built in compensation for the use and emission rights trading management system unified; introduction of province "city environment air quality ecological compensation measures", to improve the economic environment protection. For the Party committee and government leading members of four main categories, Henan made damage to the ecological environment of the 34 specific responsibility, the "Regulations on the ecological environment and resources caused by damage to the responsible person whether or not transfer, promotion or retirement, must be lifelong responsibility". As of now, Henan has to work to promote the 7 departments responsible comrades and slow environment 60 illegal typical cases of public criticism, the 50 environmental illegal enterprises public interviews, has 3 to 17 cities and counties issued a warning warning of pollution rebound 5 city public interviews, cumulative accountability 2062. Haze rule is still on the road. Henan governor Chen Runer said: air pollution control and do not grasp, grasping and false grasping, dare to grasp and afraid to grasp the big difference." Henan Province, by the end of 2017, PM10, PM2.5 average annual concentration will be reduced to 108 micrograms cubic meters, less than 74 micrograms cubic meters, the annual fine number of days more than 200 days. (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: