After the merger of teachers and students to cope with scientific research and clinical practice cap puritans pride

The merged university teachers and students are busy with the scientific research and clinical practice ability – Beijing [Zhang Tian] is the observation of medical education of Clinical Medical College of Fudan University five years of undergraduate students, each time with others about her school, she always unconsciously added, "it is the original Shanghai medical university". However, as early as 16 years ago, Shanghai Medical University did not exist. In 2000, the former Shanghai Medical University merged with Fudan University to become the medical school of Fudan University (now Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University). Medical college merger not only has the former Shanghai Medical University, also the famous Beijing Medical University, Zhongshan Medical University, Tongji Medical University, West China University of Medical Sciences, Bethune Medical University and many other veteran medical colleges have already change names. More than and 10 years later, the medical school into a comprehensive university status, medical education and how to face the situation? The amalgamation of colleges and universities, the formation of a comprehensive university in many people’s minds, cultivate a large number of high-quality medical and public health personnel of the former Shanghai Medical University’s more famous than the Fudan University Shanghai medical college. From the beginning of 1992, a large number of medical schools have been incorporated into comprehensive colleges and universities. The tide of merger of colleges and universities in 2000 ushered in the peak. In 2000, the former Beijing Medical University and Peking University merged to form the new Peking University; former Tongji Medical University and Hua Yuan University of science and technology, the original Wuhan City Construction College merged to form the Huazhong University of Science and Technology; former Hunan Medical University, Zhongnan University and Changsha Railway College of three schools, the formation of Central South University. In 2001, the former Zhongshan Medical University merged with Zhongshan University to become the new Zhongshan University. Sichuan University Affairs Office Deputy Director Li Changlong witnessed the whole process of the original Huaxi Medical University and Sichuan University merged to form the new Sichuan University, after the merger of the former West China Medical University was renamed Sichuan University Huaxi Medical center. Li Changlong believes that the medical personnel should not only master the medical skills, needs to have the humanities, but medical school itself is a professional college of Humanities and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, lack of knowledge, with the limitation of trained medical personnel. In the background of the combination of colleges, medical colleges were merged into a comprehensive university, can effectively use the comprehensive university platform, integration of resources, comprehensive university to fill in the gaps in disciplines, improve the strength of. "With the change of disease spectrum and the importance of the quality of life, the doctor’s duty is not just a simple injection prescription", in the opinion of vice president of Zhejiang University School of medicine, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University Dean Cai Xiujun, "Medical College merged into comprehensive University is the need of the development of modern medicine. In this way, medical education can be developed in the direction of multi-disciplinary integration and cross, and the space is larger". Medical school suffered seriously, the status of embarrassment in the growing space for development, the medical school is facing a lot of embarrassment. At present, Peking University Health Science Center School of medicine, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of medicine and the school admissions are the implementation of the two scores, with two admissions code. To outsiders, it is a medicine that is incorporated into a comprehensive university相关的主题文章: