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African American National Museum opened in Washington – Beijing, China News Agency, Washington in September 24, "history and culture" African American National Museum 24 local time in Washington opened, the museum said it is the only specialized for recording and display of African American life and history and culture of National Museum, the purpose is to highlight African for the American population and fight for equal rights for contributions to American society. President Obama and Mrs. Michel, vice president Biden, former president Clinton and George · Walker · Bush, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Roberts, the famous black civil rights leader Lewis attended the opening ceremony. Obama said that the museum is not only African Americans, but also to all the people of the United States, because African American history can not be separated from the history of the United states. While reviewing history can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable, it can help people learn and grow, and make the country a better place by improving governance. Bush said in his speech, a great country will not cover up the history, but to face the shortcomings and mistakes and correct. The occasion of the opening of the museum, in Sherlock City, North Carolina this week for 3 consecutive days of protests broke out the police shooting of black civilian activities, in order to prevent the spread of unrest, Sherlock has entered a state of emergency, a curfew. In recent years, Ferguson, Baltimore, New York and other places have protested against police violence against the law enforcement activities, racial conflicts failed to ease. Obama said, perhaps the museum can help visitors understand the pain and anger more white Sherlock and other protesters, to help visitors understand the many black law enforcement officers and officials trying to do the right thing in good faith throughout the United states. Museum is located in the northeast side of the National Mall in Washington, and the Washington Monument to walk away from the White House in 15 minutes. The museum is the 19 Museum of the Smithson society of the United States, open to the public free of charge. The audience can see slavery to imprison the slave cabins and tied to the shackles of slavery, where the use of apartheid train cars, the first African American ginseng association chairman Powell through the uniform, and pay tribute to the civil rights movement leader Martin · Lu De · and the first non American president Obama’s special exhibition unit. (end)相关的主题文章: