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Don’t stick to a single brush, stick to the glory is the double bottom line of business and quality of science and technology – Sohu eleven electricity supplier war came to an end in the competition, called the tragic glory with the mobile phone category, Tmall + Jingdong total sales of 2 billion 200 million yuan, leading to the main rival of millet 100 million yuan win the double eleven Android mobile phone sales champion. In the double eleven day, the day the cat each category for the final sprint, his glory to put on the "inhibition", invited the media to Tmall backstage transaction data broadcast, data is equivalent to "naked", with the real performance to brush single war, allowing consumers to witness the real data, the true glory of double 11. I think, in the social network is highly developed, the concept of consumer spending has become increasingly mature and rational today, in a single business platform of the rank and title is actually not so important, stick to the bottom line and the quality of business, is more important and should be cherished. Stick to the bottom line may be short-term losses, but the user will return to their history and brush for electronic business platform, as the stimulant to the athletes, although in the short term can make athletes become faster, higher and stronger, but for a long time, the doping athletes body and the sports industry, are poisonous. The Rio Olympics came together before and after the doping scandals, by hackers to crack Anti Doping organization Amnesty list, that those who want to take a shortcut, it will be caught. A single brush, I think in law is strictly in a gray area, some purely online false trading, can clear qualitative is illegal, each business platform for rectification in the use of big data and other means; but some manufacturers for the next line of the channel, in the double eleven online transactions through the delivery, then give some rebate or other economic returns, how this qualitative and punishment, I am afraid it is hard to say. Some users in the double eleven orders with the model is thousands of units, tens of thousands of units to buy, and even some brands set up a secret secret trading page, specifically for single brush. This has become a strong evidence in recent years, the media have exposed the phenomenon of single brush. Therefore, the brush in the double eleven such electricity supplier carnival, the short term is not completely eliminated. But once the entire industry is single addiction, then the rules of the honest people will certainly suffer in the short term. Glory as one of several Chinese Internet mobile phone volume and the strength of industry unspoken rule, they actually know, so why do the glory refused to brush single bird? President Zhao Ming wrote in the micro-blog glory: "glory from the double end of eleven less than 4 hours left, we also live for more than and 20 hours, many people will be curious, why should we make it live. I would like to say that integrity, integrity, is good faith! Through the open public background real data, we hope to jointly monitor the glory of the integrity, to witness the real data, the real glory of the double 11!" If you eat a few pills a day can athletes cut gold and silver medals, then who will be hard training, perspiration comes down like raindrops who crafted the craft? If we are obsessed with the single brush and bring false ranking, then it will continue to increase.相关的主题文章: