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UnCategorized A veritable melting pot of musical styles, Adam Myles Carty is creating diverse musical soundscape with his fascinating project, The Pleidians. Joining forces with MC and lyricist, Lorenzo Covelli, the pair has crafted a unique style which bends and blends rock, pop, funk, and hip hop into one monstrously captivating sound. Their first self titled EP is available now, announcing their arrival to the musical world, and making an impact with listeners who are searching for something truly different. With just over one year experience together, the dynamic duo splits writing duties down the middle, with Carty handling guitar, bass, percussion, and keyboards, while Covelli holds down the vocals and lyrics. Using this specific formula, The Pleidians generate a sound which changes faster than a comic book shape shifter, keeping listeners on their toes for each and every track. With the exception of "Beside Myself," being co-written by both members, they stick to their respective roles, which is proving to be quite effective. Just when you think The Pleidians’ sound is nailed down, they pull off another nice switch, showcasing their versatile musical and lyrical talents. "Stay True" emits funky vibes with grooving bass and percussion, while Covelli spits a slick rap flow over the track. Pulling almost a complete 180, the duo moves into a ballad-like song with "Beside Myself," using a soft, deliberate pace, with clean guitars and emotive vocals. "Youth Rebel" returns to hip hop styled rhymes, but using crunchy distorted guitar melodies and jamming drumbeats. With a number of performances throughout Western Canada already under their belt, The Pleidians are only at the beginning of their musical takeover. Edmonton and Calgary are just two of the cities they’ve visited, pulling off shows at venues such as On the Rocks, Urban Lounge, and Avenue Theatre. With the release of their self titled EP, the pair will continue booking new shows and searching for radio and other media coverage. The groundbreaking EP is currently available from iTunes, Emusic, and other digital retailers for purchase. Be sure to check out the MySpace page for streaming preview tracks, which are sure to excite and invigorate the musical senses. With influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Eminem, there’s no telling where these guys will end up next, as their musical sounds keep on spinning like a roulette wheel, which is quite possibly the most invigorating and exiting aspect of it all. About the Author: Artist PR is an affordable one stop solution for indie artists and record labels. The site was started to help independent musicians and labels expose their music to the world through radio and press and licensing opportunities. ArtistPR works with some of the most talented working journalists, published authors, and accredited public relations professionals to dramatically increase your sales and expose your music to the masses. Please contact for more information. Article Published On: – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: