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The activation of the market by what — Finance — in Siping City of Jilin province Gongzhuling grain depot grain warehouse, the keeper is in finishing of grain storage. Lin Hong photo (Xinhua News Agency) "buy, buy, buy! Three important things to say."   in August, held in Jilin province grain production and marketing cooperation conference, vice governor of Jilin Province, Sui Zhongcheng used a network of buzzwords to express the urgent need to sell grain. He told the country’s 31 provinces and cities in the vicinity of thousands of grain administrative departments in charge of food companies and representatives on behalf of the appeal: buy more food in Jilin". At present, Jilin black land corn harvest in sight. This year, the corn temporary storage policy canceled, the implementation of market pricing. As a large province of corn, Jilin will face what kind of test, what measures will be taken to deal with? How much corn? The average annual production of 58 billion kilograms, the actual processing capacity less than half of output "a few years ago, prices rise every year, rest assured bold, the corn became" hardcore "crops, maize has become our strengths." Songyuan City, WangFu Railway Station town of large grain Sun Shoufeng said, planted more than and 170 hectares of corn this year, less than last year about sixty hectares. Jilin corn mainly yellow corn, with an annual sown area of about 59 million acres, yield about 58 billion pounds, accounting for about 15% of the country, the volume of about 55 billion pounds, the commodity rate of up to 95%, ranking first in the country. This year, reducing the grain planting area of 3 million 325 thousand and 800 acres of corn in Jilin province. According to the calculation of 1000 pounds per acre yield can reduce about 3000000000 kg corn in Jilin province. A few years ago, the price of corn producing areas of sales areas upside down, the domestic and international market upside down, leading to import corn and substitute into the market, the domestic corn into the warehouse, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Food Bureau Yang Guang said. In November last year, the acquisition of Pro storage, as of this year in April 30th, Jilin Province, the acquisition of 53 billion 100 million kg of corn. Currently, corn stocks are still running high, and processing and conversion capabilities are limited, and the demand for corn products market is not prosperous. Corn deep processing, as one of the three pillar industries in Jilin, the annual processing capacity of up to 30 billion pounds, the actual processing capacity of about $22 billion, ranking the country’s second. So down conversion, Jilin province every year more than half of corn production to be digested. This year after the listing of the corn in the end what is the price? "The price is not too good." Right now, the harvest season, Sun Shoufeng concerned about the price of corn, but do not hold too high hopes. "No one can answer the question accurately." CPPCC Standing Committee, former deputy director of the central rural work leading group and office director Chen Xiwen said, but in accordance with the market price, the price of imported corn price reference. U.S. corn to Guangzhou, the CIF price of about 1400 yuan a ton, the recent futures price of one ton of about 1450 yuan." Yang Guang said, according to this estimate, the price per kilogram of corn this fall may be less than 7 cents. Behind the decline in corn prices, oversupply environment has not changed. Yang Guang analysis, at present, the country’s annual corn supply in about 570000000000 pounds, consumption is only about 410 billion pounds, the difference between supply and demand相关的主题文章: