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Reference-and-Education Academic journals are used to publish results of academic research. They differ according to the discipline involved. An academic journal acts as a foundation for future research and presentations. It also forms a base to .pare ongoing research. .paring research helps to perk up the process. The concept of academic journals is not limited to a single field as such. An academic journal has its motto laid out – to have academically inclined articles written by scholars, published and reviewed by peers. It doesn’t hold any .mercial goal and is used to dole out knowledge. It includes all original research, book reviews along review articles. Professional magazines act exactly opposite; they are not reviewed by peers and are of .mercial purposes. All the facts and opinions are documented in an academic journal. Many academic journals consist of a panel of experts who meet regularly to discuss matters related to academic journals. Panel of experts are nothing but a peer review board wherein the people involved take decisions in terms of accepting or rejecting submissions for publications. Role of Peer Review Boards: It is not only about grammar correction, but the role of the panel is to challenge the author’s (one who submits the paper) conclusions. There are articles which create a lot of controversies irrespective of the assumptions and conclusions. Articles can lead to more articles, more so if it attracts the attention of scholars. Mistakes are not only challenged, but rectified, which helps in the spread of knowledge. Knowledge is the sole purpose of these academic journals. This system of peer review makes sure that only articles which pass the test of standard’ are forwarded for publication. Writing Standard and Contributors: With content writing getting popular, the overall professionalism has seen an increase in all forms of writing and academic journals are no different. Contributors in an academic journal are mostly professors, college or university students, researchers and other enthusiasts. Academic journals are a good platform for young scholars. Getting published in academic journals of international caliber can be beneficial when it .es to building a strong resume as well as getting a head start in a career. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: