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Abdominal pain in late pregnancy is how? Sohu with the mother of the fetus growing up, the burden of pregnant mother abdomen will increase, at this time, prone to abdominal pain, but abdominal pain is actually divided into many kinds, should pay attention to identify. Thank you for your attention, more information, you can also pay attention to: m.83152222, the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital official website regularly to push your preparation related to pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum health care knowledge, we will. If you have any questions, please call the hotline: 0431-83152222, we will be based on your situation to make targeted guidance. Some pregnant mothers on both sides of the lower abdomen will often feel pain, especially in the morning and evening on the bed, there will always be a pain. This pain is usually because the round ligament of the uterus caused by pumping pulling pain, this is a normal phenomenon, and will not cause danger to the pregnancy. However, if you feel the rules of abdominal contraction pain, it is suspected to be caused by uterine contractions, should be as soon as possible to the hospital to see if there is premature birth. If really belongs to premature aura, should open the front to the hospital yet at the mouth of the uterus, as long as we find out the reasons of premature, or smooth tocolysis. If the delay in treatment time, until at 3 cm above the mouth of the uterus, it is very difficult to tocolysis.相关的主题文章: