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A small bar a couple of generous investment: $3 billion to study the disease treatment and detection of Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, by Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and his wife Pulli Sheila Chen · (Priscilla Chan) announced the creation of the Charity Company Chan Zuckerberg Initiative days ago, in the next ten years will invest $3 billion for the treatment, and control of all human diseases. Their first $600 million investment will go to an independent research center called Biohub. The center is located in University of Calif San Francisco (UCSF), is committed to the development of new instruments for the detection and treatment of disease. Pulli Sheila · Chen Zhousan delivered a passionate speech at an event in San Francisco. She said: "over the past two years, Mark and I have been working with scientists including the Nobel prize winning and graduate students. We believe that the future we set for our children is possible. We set a goal: can we overcome all the disease in the child’s life? That doesn’t mean that everyone will not get sick, but that our children and children’s children will get sick less. We should be able to detect and treat, at least control all diseases. Mark and I believe that it is possible to achieve the goals of the next generation of life." Zach, then came to power on the plan for the elimination of all diseases in the next hundred years. He pointed out that heart disease, infectious diseases, cancer and neurological diseases are the main causes of death. A medical breakthrough will not eliminate any of these diseases. But he believes that investment in basic scientific research and research and development of new devices will speed up the process of overcoming the disease. Zach said that the existing science fund is usually granted to individuals only tens of thousands of dollars in incentives, in order to achieve a major breakthrough, it is not enough to. He promised that Biohub would allow software engineers to work with scientists to fund long-term projects and accelerate scientific discovery. Zuckerberg also called for investment in artificial intelligence, to better understand the human brain, using machine learning developed analysis of cancer gene, can diagnose infectious diseases can be found and chip detector intravascular disease in the early stage of the disease. He said: This is the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative want to develop equipment and tools." Pooley Sheila also announced the appointment of neurobiologist Cory · (Cori Bargmann); he served as Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, head of the new science. Bagman was elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences, and in 2013 won the life science breakthrough award. Biohub center will be UCSF medical school professor Joe · Dys (Joe DeRisi) and the Stanford University’s biological physicist, bio Engineer ·, () Q (Stephen).相关的主题文章: