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A number of old doctor ward visit cancer mother rekindle hope cancer mother Lin Ru, after the risk of giving birth to a child, her life seems to have entered the countdown. Since we reported, from Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and many other people in the country, have rushed to the ward, the first time to help her. On the 22 day, there were several special old men in the ward, saying that they were coming to treat the cancer mother". It turned out that these are once the old Department of orthopedics experts, after listening to the reports about Lin, are deeply moved. Few people immediately meet, early this morning, together to drive from Shanghai to the Soviet Union, the mother was in pain, provide some help. Retired doctor Jiang Shaoping told reporters that they think they can save the lives of Lin ru. After all, she was young and had just had a baby. Lin Ru is only 26 years old this year, was originally an art teacher, but in 2014, not long after her wedding, but found himself suffering from osteosarcoma. Just as she was about to give up treatment, an unexpected joy came: in March of this year, she was pregnant. Lin Ru did not hesitate, resolutely to give birth to a baby, finally, the afternoon of September 1st, 31 weeks pregnant Lin Ru, caesarean section under three pounds 72 daughter. Due to premature birth, the child is currently in children’s Hospital for treatment. And it is also the birth of this small accident, so that the life of Lin formally entered the countdown. According to a Soviet Kuangtse Branch hospital physician Zhu Qing introduction, Lin Ru left hip fracture, the two lung has been full of snowflake shadow, is considered a pulmonary metastasis of osteosarcoma metastasis, because more, so she has to feel chest tightness. This time, several old experts to take the CT and the medical records of the carefully photographed, ready to bring back to Shanghai to discuss the best treatment plan. This move will undoubtedly give the body on the bed Lin Ru, great confidence and encouragement. In fact, in addition to caring people come to visit, today, for Lin Ru, is very special. Originally, three in the afternoon, she risked the birth of a little life, finally discharged. But at present, the child’s lungs are still stunted, worried about cross infection, the family can not take her to Lin Ru side, ready to bring back her husband’s apartment in Kunshan. When Lin was discharged, the family back home in Anhui.相关的主题文章: