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A Neijiang shop collapsed 2 years old girls who bear responsibility for the injured controversial (Figure) Neijiang (micro-blog) the shop collapsed after the incident injured girl scene according to the first Neijiang City website on September 21st afternoon, Neijiang city shop shop signs alcomax suddenly fell, a 2 year old little girl head passed here was injured. A day after the incident, the little girl is still in hospital for treatment, the family has not yet found who should be responsible for the matter. In this regard, the person involved in the store operator, said the shop by the government funded the construction of the project, and only took more than 2 years, the event should be responsible for the relevant government departments. Neijiang City Central Housing Construction Bureau, said the government funded the construction of the shop has been over the warranty period, the shop should be used to benefit from the use of the business is responsible for the daily maintenance and management, responsibility should belong to businesses. The morning of September 22nd, the Department of Neurosurgery Ward of the first people’s Hospital of Neijiang City, just over 2 years old little girl Dandan (a pseudonym) lying in bed infusion therapy, head wrapped gauze, parents and Grandpa, etc. in the side with my grandmother. Remember the scene when the mother, Ms. Hu is still a lingering fear. 21 PM, she took her daughter out to play. Go to the oasis temple road of an antique shop, a piece of aluminum plate on the head shop suddenly collapsed, just hit her left on her head. "That board and the bed is about the size, fell down and then the daughter of the body under pressure in the following." Ms Wu said, she quickly leaned over, before and after the two times before the aluminum plate opened. "My daughter was injured by medical expenses, someone should bear." Ms Wu said, but as of 22, 18, there is no relevant personnel to come forward to pay for her daughter’s medical bills. Chengdu Daily reporter found that in the incident where the oasis Temple Road, about 500 meters of the street, in addition to someone’s shop, there are 3 shops on the shop signs alcomax had collapsed in different degrees, in addition to aluminum plate part of the shop signs appeared on the verge of falling deformation. "Earlier (shop) on the collapse, but did not hurt people, so no one tube." A shop owner said, Ganquan temple road of the shop are funded by the government at the end of 2013 uniform replacement, still less than 3 years. "The street has collapsed several times, and it has collapsed several times." Neijiang City District Housing Construction Bureau also confirmed that the central city within the city, the government funded the replacement of shop signs, indeed there were many shop signs on the aluminum plate and wood collapse events. Who should pay the bill? Store: store signs by the government funded the construction by the relevant departments responsible for 22 days, the Chengdu Daily reporter found at the scene, the antique shop outside the shop only above the steel frame, the aluminum panels have been cleared off and. Antique shop owner Ms. Cai said, the shop is rented her, found her in the 3 months before the shop signs have collapsed after the danger of aluminum-plastic plate, has to reflect the community, but before the incident has not yet been resolved. The incident to the oasis Temple community responsible person also confirmed that indeed received the business community to reflect, and through the street to the area of housing and other related departments to reflect the matter, but the answer is over the warranty period. "If I install, fall down and hurt people, it is certainly responsible for me." Ms. Cai believes that the shop is the original government departments to participate in the merger of the unified replacement, and only took more than 2 years相关的主题文章: