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A man in Zhanjiang this year, played a total of 100 times 110 lies alarm situation detained 10 days [posted by "Zhanjiang Evening News" WeChat public on November 4th, copy the "Zhanjiang Evening News" can focus on WeChat search. ] the day before, the Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau dealt with malicious lies alarm situation call 110 cases. After investigation, the case of illegal Luomou (male, 33 years old, Lianjiang stone town people) since January of this year, a total of more than 110 calls to call more than 100 times, which both malicious harassment, but also lie alarm. After repeated criticism of education without fruit, the Lianjiang police made an administrative detention for 10 days and impose a fine of $500 penalty. According to the Zhanjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau statistics, this year the city for investigation of the malicious call 110, lied about policing cases from a total of more than and 10 people involved in illegal acts, the public security organs have been made respectively according to the illegal circumstances of administrative detention, fines and other penalties warning. Police advise: 110 police service desk is a public security organs to accept criminal cases, to accept the masses in the event of danger or emergency help police service platform, is an important public resource to protect public safety. At present the city’s 110 desk every day thousands of calls, each of the 110 incoming call volume are rising exponentially, 110 accepted by the society for help increase rapidly, the 110 work is faced with tremendous pressure and challenge. But in the actual police work, the mistake, malicious call and false alarm phenomenon have occurred, occupied by the emergency of limited public resources, affects the effective implementation of emergency police activities. Therefore, the public security organs for malicious harassment, false reports or exaggerated the facts of the case, depending on the seriousness of the circumstances, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to make a serious deal. Source: Zhanjiang evening news Author: left handed Wu Huanhuan相关的主题文章: