A man in Wuhan quarrels with his wife after he takes drugs and drops the TV set from the 14 floor-tom365.com

Wuhan, a man after drug quarrel with his wife from the 14 floor to throw the TV Newspaper News (reporter Xia Yi correspondent Li Pengcheng) man of hallucinogenic drugs, and wife quarrel after hit home furniture and LCD TV, water machine dropped from the 14 floor, but fortunately the car was not damaged under the floor. Jiangxia police and fire fighting armed police broke the gate to control the men. 6 pm 3 p.m., Jiangxia paper Century Square near a street 14 floor window, suddenly flew out of a 39 inch LCD TV, and then drinking fountains, luggage and so on from the window has been thrown. The place where the goods fall is the sidewalk facing the street, only tens of meters away from the entrance of the vehicle. All the people on the roadside were frightened, but fortunately, the goods fell away from the nearby pedestrians and vehicles, no one was injured, and no other property was damaged. After more than a few owners found the property workers to reflect the situation, the property personnel on the 14 floor knocking at the door, the house only hit the sound of things, but no one has opened the door, property personnel had to alarm. Zhifanggou police contact the police fire brigade rushed to the scene quickly, knock back still did not respond. They had to use rescue tools to open the door, will be home furniture bash man under control and brought back to the police station. After investigation, the 48 year old man Zhifang Tianmou urine test was positive, because of hallucinogenic drugs, and wife quarrel after very angry, will be the home of tea table, the balcony window glass smashed, and LCD TV, drinking fountains and other items thrown out the window. When the police and fire officers broke into the house, he was still smashing furniture. Currently, Tian has been forced drug addiction by Jiangxia police.

武汉一男子吸毒后与妻子吵架 从14楼扔下电视机   本报讯(记者夏奕 通讯员李鹏程)男子吸毒致幻,与老婆吵架后狂砸家中家具并将液晶电视、饮水机等从14楼扔下,所幸楼下人车未受损伤。江夏警方与消防武警破拆大门将男子控制住。   6日下午3时,江夏纸坊世纪广场附近某小区临街的14楼窗口,突然飞出一台39英寸液晶电视,接着饮水机、行李箱等陆续从窗口被扔下。物品掉落处是临街人行道,距该小区车辆出入口仅数十米。路旁众人都被吓了一跳,所幸物品掉落时离附近行人车辆都较远,无人受伤,也无其他财物受损。   该小区多名业主找到物业工作人员反映情况后,物业人员上14楼敲门,屋内只传出砸东西的响声,却一直无人开门,物业人员只好报警。   纸坊派出所民警联系消防大队很快赶到现场,敲门后屋内依然没有回应。众人只得用破拆工具打开房门,将正在家中猛砸家具的男子控制住并带回派出所。   经查,48岁的纸坊男子田某尿检呈阳性,因吸毒致幻,与老婆吵架后十分气恼,将家中茶几、阳台窗玻璃砸破,并将液晶电视、饮水机等物品扔出窗口。民警和消防官兵破门而入时,他仍在不停地砸家具。   目前,田某因吸毒已被江夏警方强制戒毒。相关的主题文章: