A couplet eight is expected with distance from the high level basketball miracle-lara fabian

A couplet: eight is expected miracle’s distance from the high level of Yi Jianlian recently told CCTV5, "basketball park" section of the interview, many people talked about the topic of interest. Yi Jianlian admitted that the Chinese men’s basketball team is still a distance from a high standard, he said that to return to NBA must face competition. Yi Jianlian first talked about men’s basketball team’s performance in the Olympic Games, that failed to qualify belongs to the reason, "I don’t think a lot of fans expect or predict us to enter the quarterfinals, a miracle eight is expected. Reality, we are expected to win 1-2 games, but in the end we did not win. We do not deal with the key ball lead to lose, which shows that our lack of experience, we are still far from the high level". Yi Jianlian talked about returning to NBA to join the Lakers, NBA is full of competition, regardless of when to go, in any environment are full of competition. I have experienced NBA, also experienced a lot of competition, after years of accumulation, their mentality has been different, here every day to be full of competition". Yi Jianlian denied playing for the Lakers in order to have more time with his family, basketball is basketball itself". For the Lakers will be playing in the first round of the topic, Yi Jianlian did not answer, I do not know this, I did not talk with the coach when talking about this topic, these are outside speculation". (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章: