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A computer is not a poor student? How far away from the precise poverty alleviation? Original title: a computer is not a poor student? How far away from the University of precision poverty? Author: Xiong Bingqi source: Southern Metropolis Daily (September 22, 2016 A23) 22 year old Liu is a senior student of Xi’an Siyuan University, he was born poor in Northern Shaanxi home registration filing cards this year, according to the provisions can apply for 6000 yuan grants living allowance. But the summer vacation he holds "college poor households filing riser children that form" stamped in the village, back to school approval, he was the school to buy notebook computer is not poor students "as an excuse not to send money. (China Daily September 22nd) according to reports, the school is based on the examination and approval of the Education Department of Shaanxi Province, the Provincial Department of Finance issued in 2007 "Shaanxi province high school students family economic difficulties that interim measures", the provisions of article tenth, "to buy or lease computer (except special professional)…… Can not be identified as family economic difficulties students". Obviously, this is an outdated rule. 9 years ago, the computer may be "high-end" supplies, but today, the computer has become popular, but also become almost all college students to study the necessary supplies. It will also be the purchase of a computer as a college student family poverty or poor conditions, indicating that the work of poor students is still too simple, this distance to do precise poverty there is a big gap. It is interesting that even the Shaanxi Provincial Department of education student Funding Center staff also believes that whether or not a computer is not the main factor, to specific analysis of specific issues. This is the first year of subsidies for participatory poverty stricken students, the future will further refine the precise poverty identification method". Why in specific work, there is no adjustment to the outdated provisions, or "one size fits all", and no specific analysis of specific issues? It is worth noting that, due to the provisions of the government formulated many years ago did not annul and adjust, colleges and universities in the implementation of the provisions, is unlikely to analyze specific issues, because this provision is very clear, there is no specific analysis of specific issues of space. For the precise poverty, current understanding and practice gap in the understanding, the relevant departments are hoping to help poor students, according to the specific circumstances of each but, in the specific implementation, but still take a more extensive way, which is paid high attention to. Do not say that we can not simply buy a computer, as the standard of poor students or not, that is, seven or eight years ago, some poor students may have a computer, the provisions of the year is too hasty. The poor students of the computer, some relatives and friends to send, some parents to let the child better study, other expenses to buy compressed teeth, can not only see a computer, regardless of the actual economic situation in the family, the denial of the qualification of poor students. And now, we can not think that the computer is very popular, poor students with the computer is normal, the students with a high price of a high computer turned a blind eye — the same computer, the price varies widely. Just use the computer as the evaluation criteria, it is not appropriate to carry out precise poverty alleviation, we must cancel such inaccurate indicators. Similar Hao相关的主题文章: