9 year old girl on the summer of the top 6 gifted students suffering from anxiety disorders eyelashe-ppbox

A 9 year old girl summer 6 excellent training classes with anxiety Stubbs eyebrows eyelashes students "psychological cold" has "no school" experts: parents to lower expectations, not "three sentences does not learn" and "small Ya eyelashes eyebrows are bare, hair bald several blocks to the hospital, that is all her own pull……" Yesterday, the Wuhan evening news reporter learned from a number of hospitals in the city, since the opening of more than half a month, many children psychologically but can not learn". Yesterday morning, only the Wuhan psychological hospital admitted to the hospital on the 5 emotional disorder can not start, the child. 9 year old girl 6 excellent training classes hair pulling one day before the Mid Autumn Festival, a mother with a little girl into the director of child health MCH Hospital of Hubei province Xu Haiqing consulting room. "Can do an examination of trace elements, zinc must be my girl." Mother told Xu Haiqing, daughter, 9 years old, in a key primary school in grade three, grade. A few days ago, she suddenly found her daughter’s eyebrows and eyelashes are gone, bald head of the size of the two fingernail cover open space, the doctor has ruled out skin diseases. Xu Haiqing found that Maria Tung kept his head down and was silent. Let the mother go out after her patient asked, Maria Tung opened the chatterbox: mother asked her before each exam must be three, to the rest of the time the Pew accounted for, finally looked forward to the summer vacation has not been able to breathe. English, math, writing, painting, piano, dance, breath to the newspaper 6 excellent training classes, every day from morning to night. An occasional tear off eyelashes, sudden pain made her feel very excited, after he was addicted, all the light after pulling eyebrows eyelashes, and a cluster of clusters of hair pulling. Learned that her daughter’s hair is not out of their own pull, the culprit is gifted gifted, her mother distressed and remorse. Xu Haiqing diagnosed Maria Tung suffering from anxiety disorders, pull hair abnormal behavior is the child can not vent anxiety, through the extreme way of self punishment to vent. Two girls dream of "adult world" yesterday, the mother groaning Phillips was "forced" to the Wuhan city mental hospital. Adolescent ward director Ma Jun learned that 14 year old Michael in Wuchang a key middle school read the first two days, scores in the top ten in the class. Before the summer vacation, Phillips has always behaved suddenly like a changed man, all day long mouth talking about are love, seduce and abortion topic, dreaming of "husband", are clamouring for herself to write a novel network of love. Ma Jun found in conversation, as long as it comes to learning, is particularly sensitive to Phillips, a powerful and unconstrained style tear. When his mother went out to answer the phone, Phillips complained that the school should hold tight, every month, according to the results of rows of seats; home after her mother will learn this and that, a good test is blamed, now can’t sleep all night. Phillips told Ma Jun, she is eager to grow up earlier into the adult world, no longer for the exam and ranking of distress. Ma Yun Fei diagnosis is suffering from mood disorders in adolescence, must be immediately hospitalized. Appropriate to reduce their expectations "since opening, in the outpatient service such as Maria Tung and Phillips has not entered the state of learning many children. The more successful children, symptoms.相关的主题文章: