8 billion dollars to buy a new growth point Apple’s acquisition of Tesla’s voice again 9c8996

8 billion dollars to buy a new growth point? Apple’s acquisition of Tesla’s voice from the Apple Corp’s autopilot project seems to be carried out smoothly. According to the New York Times reported that apple CEO Tim Cook recently dismissed some of the staff of the autopilot team. Tesla, a new star in the automotive sector, needs a lot of money to achieve the goal of producing 500 thousand cars in 2018. The merger seems to be a win-win situation. Reuters columnist Rob Cox pointed out that Apple Corp can buy 20% Tesla shares. Assuming Apple Corp to 215 per share price of the acquisition of Tesla’s shares of $20%, the total amount of $8 billion. This will solve the problem of Tesla funds. 8 billion U.S. dollars of funds will be sufficient to bear Tesla in 2020 about $4 billion of negative free cash flow. For holding 230 billion of Apple Corp, the amount of the investment is negligible. The acquisition of Tesla shares may bring new ideas and growth to apple. You know, Elon Musk in charge of Tesla never lack of creativity. In addition to Tesla, Elon Musk is still studying high-speed trains (Hyperloop) and exploring outer space (SpaceX). Cox pointed out that apple can set up a joint venture with Tesla, research automotive business. Cox said that Musk is a bit like Apple Corp founder Steve Jobs (Jobs). In the early days of apple, Jobs also founded the animation studio Pixar. However, not everyone is optimistic about the cooperation of apple and tesla. U.S. science and technology finance website Business insider traffic industry editor Matthew DeBord pointed out that Apple’s acquisition of Tesla is just a beautiful fantasy. Because in this world there is no two CEO like musk and Cook so different! He pointed out: Cook is not an entrepreneur, Cook’s talent lies in the supply chain management, if not him, apple is also difficult to have a huge cash reserves. In addition to the sale of iPhone earn special earn, Apple also gains from suppliers and wireless application service providers here. This is business, or accept it or put up with it. But Cook is not a full head crazy vision, who want to take a high risk, otherwise Apple may sell TV, rather than expensive smart watches. Mask will not work for others and co-founder of PayPal Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, Mask is a new in order to be different characters. They don’t work for anyone, maybe not. Mask served as Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO, and chairman of Solar City. He personally oversee Tesla’s design, in fact, also transformed into a rocket scientist. His style of leadership is always hard to match with Cook. Cook failed to continue the legend of Apple’s great Apple began with the return of Apple Corp Jobs, and reached its peak a few years ago,.相关的主题文章: