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60 billion pounds? The British off the European or British media face the most expensive divorce alimony "16 reported that in the upcoming British and European (Brexit) negotiations, the EU is ready to ask for a maximum of 60 billion British pounds (about 512 billion 400 million yuan), by the British media ridicule as" the most expensive divorce alimony". British Financial Times interview with several core members of the EU negotiating team, initially estimated that the EU needs to ask for the bill to the UK total of 40 billion pounds ($341 billion 600 million) to 60 billion pounds. This "alimony" covers a wide range of elements, such as the UK previously promised to pay the EU budget share, loan guarantee, the EU spent in the UK, the British commitment to undertake various projects previously staff members of the European Parliament and EU pension share. The British "Daily Mail" reported that the EU and European affairs team by the former European Commissioner for the single market, the Frenchman Michel · Barnier led, is expected to be on the high bill and Britain launched a fierce negotiation "". According to Baniya’s timetable, the British government should be before the end of March next year to start the "Treaty of Lisbon" in fiftieth; the latest EU and UK in the autumn of 2018 to draw up a draft from Europe, and Europe in April 2019 to complete the program. Baniya’s negotiating team currently envisaged is hard to take off, that is, the United Kingdom to withdraw from the EU unified market, the future will be able to reach all kinds of trade agreements. However, former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick ·, Clegg has said that he and other "stay in Europe" will be members of the Senate to change the law, and strive to achieve the soft off europe". (Xinhua News Agency)相关的主题文章: