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Chevrolet 6 (five): evaluation of transverse acceleration and braking, no-load full load difference – Sohu car to the driver, a car to bring the most intuitive feelings, should from the acceleration and braking, which is directly related to you, or to go ahead of others, but also directly affects the emergency, and you the life safety of the passengers. The 6 Chevrolet, who can static safe? In Chengdu, a group of experts through a series of professional accelerated braking test, with the objective to demonstrate their ability. After Chongqing and Zunyi in the mute test, fuel consumption test and control test and test a series of experience, we moved to a new suburban highway Shuangliu is not open. We will be here more than 2000 meters on the long straight road with professional testing equipment to test the basic performance of the 6 intermediate cars. However, driven by the school found that most of the major media data reports mostly empty, there are few colleagues to provide five full acceleration braking performance. Taking into account the family car is more than manned possible, so we increased the brake test acceleration 0-100km h and 100km H-0 under full load at full load, and through the comparison of the data to reflect the true performance of each car in daily use of the. Speed brake test: 1, the use of a unified standard, and step on the brake and accelerator, accelerated test in speed from the brake pedal after suddenly overstating the way. To accelerate from a standstill to 100km h, in the shortest time to complete the engine and gearbox potential state; 2, in the process of testing did not pull the handbrake, there is no closed electronic systems, movement pattern models hang into the S block, the other models are the use of D block. 3, 100km H-0 brake braking test is different from the daily driving in a gradual manner, the brake pedal to the end, the emergency brake, with the shortest distance to the vehicle static. 4, taking into account the 6 intermediate car condition can not be completely unified, in order to reduce the maximum effect of different condition on the test results and more close to the family daily travel, in addition to individual performance, we also emphasize the performance price change unloaded / two cases with reference value. Special note: the following diagram for no-load test personnel alone test results, test personnel weight is about 70kg. Full load for the car sat 5 people when the test results, the overall weight of about 5 people: 376kg. Test conditions: instrument: V-BOX: asphalt pavement without wind and rain weather conditions: temperature: 17 degrees -20 test: 5 times the value of logic: 3 times to get the scores relatively stable during the 5 test in the best form, driving hsupai statistics of the 6 car basic information: (Note: This article is the following the contents of the data in the picture, it is recommended to enlarge the horizontal screen viewing). Angkesaila angkesaila angkesaila 0-100km h in full load acceleration test, before this 1.5L angkesaila verification of our power to worry about, 1I相关的主题文章: